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Yoga locust style seems simple. Are you really right?

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Locustpose locustpose locustpose is to imitate the posture of locusts when they lie on the ground.

Locust style has a good effect on the treatment of various abdominal diseases.

This posture is helpful for digestion and can eliminate stomach diseases and gastrointestinal accounting period.

It has a good effect on the treatment of various abdominal diseases.

It seems simple.

Beginners often make the following mistakes: first, shrink the neck.

Due to the tension of the back and shoulders, the neck will retract and shrug.

You should turn the shoulders back and down, away from the ears, and find the extension of the back of the neck.

Second, bend the knees.

Some beginners feel that it takes too much effort to straighten their legs, and it is too difficult to reach them, so they simply bend the knees.

This is wrong.

Turn the knees to the body, To start the simple variant of the locust style of leg hip strength: for beginners, you can start with the simple variant: lie down, keep your legs together, straighten and raise your hands, palm up, keep the back of your hands and arms close to the ground, and keep your chin on the ground.

For more junior practitioners, you can only raise one leg, or even find a cat tail pulling style to replace it, Similarly, find the extension of the spine.

Most people’s misunderstanding of the locust style is that it is very simple and has no difficulty.

In fact, it should not be done in place or kept for not long enough.

Locust pose can actually exercise the strength of the back of the body – back, hips and back of legs.

It can improve the hunchback with chest and prepare for advanced backward bending pose…

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