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Eight yoga postures are recommended for abdominal fat

For girls, a small stomach is just too annoying.

Especially in summer, when there is too much meat, it doesn’t matter if you don’t even dare to wear navel clothes.

Today, I recommend 8 yoga postures, which are specially for abdominal fat, practice every day, and say goodbye to the small belly ~1, cross balance – tiger style Kneeling at four corners, with thighs and arms perpendicular to the ground Inhale and straighten your right leg and left hand at the same height as your body Exhale, drop your hand, bend your right knee and find the tip of your nose Dynamic practice 8 times, change the opposite side to practice 2.

Inclined board – one leg four columns Inclined plate support, hand under shoulder, core tightened Exhale, bend the elbow and clip it to the trunk into the four pillar pose Inhale and lift your right leg up without turning your hips Exhale, drop your legs, push your hand to the ground while inhaling, and return to the inclined board With breathing, practice alternately left and right in groups 5-8.


One leg inclined plate variant Support the inclined plate, bend the right knee to find the right elbow, and restore the inclined plate Bend the right knee to find the left elbow and restore the inclined plate Change your left leg and repeat the same steps Alternating left and right, dynamic exercise 8 groups, 4, half supine scissors legs Lie on your back on a cushion with your legs straight Use your stomach to lift your right leg and torso up Touch your hands behind your right thigh and deepen your range when you exhale Drop your legs and change to the opposite side.

Repeat 8 groups of 5 and half boat boat Sit in a walking stick position with your knees bent close to your hips Lift your legs up, straighten your legs and move your hands forward in turn When exhaling, drop your legs and hands off the ground Note that the neck is on the spinal extension line and do not hook the neck Half ship – ship dynamic exercise 8 groups 6.

Side plate Enter from the ramp and turn left Right hand on the ground, fingertips forward, left hand up Lift your hips up with your chest and navel straight ahead Turn your head to your right hand and keep your body stable Keep 5-8 breaths and change the opposite side to practice 7.

Warrior three poses Stand in mountain pose, inhale and lift your arms up Bend forward from the hip and lift the left leg up Push the right thigh back and push the left heel away The arm and spine are in line with the left leg Keep your eyes on your fingertips and keep stable.


Twist the magic chair Stand in mountain pose with feet hip width apart Bend your hips and knees and sit low with your hips down Put your hands together in front of your chest and turn your body to the left Press the outside of the right big arm against the left thigh to deepen the torsion Keep 5-8 breaths and Practice on the opposite side.

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