What are the six reasons why you can’t bend forward in yoga?

When practicing yoga, we often have Jia people ask: teacher, why can’t I bend forward after practicing yoga for so long? Teacher, is it because my hamstrings are tense that I can’t bend forward? My hamstrings are not tight.

Why can’t I go down? Teacher, what are the reasons why yoga can’t bend down? Yoga forward bending is too difficult.

When can I do it…

It’s really difficult to practice yoga forward bending.

Especially for yoga beginners, many people can’t get down, but in the practice of yoga beginners, many exercises are related to forward bending.

It’s really frustrating if I can’t practice well.

Yoga teachers often tell us that the hamstrings on the back of our thighs are too tight.

This answer is correct.

It leads to forward bending.

Most people do have problems with the hamstrings, but in addition to the hamstrings, there are the following five factors that also lead to yoga forward bending.


Weak hip flexion ability.

In short, it is the weak ability of the trunk to fold forward, which is mainly caused by the tension and weakness of the iliopsoas muscle connecting the spine and thigh femur.

The iliopsoas muscle is like a rope connecting the front of the spine and the femur.

If the rope has no strength, it is obvious that the spine can’t get close to the legs, and the forward flexion naturally can’t go down.

Solution: if you want to strengthen the ability of hip flexion, you should practice more in the small bridge style, horse riding style, warrior 1 style and other postures of stretching the iliopsoas muscle in yoga, as well as the posture of strengthening the iliopsoas muscle such as supine rising leg and boat style.


If you can understand that the hamstring tension will affect the function of forward flexion, you should also understand that the back tension will affect the function of forward flexion.

Because if you want the abdomen to bend forward close to the thighs, the muscles in the front of the trunk will contract, and the muscles in the back of the trunk will relax and stretch.

If the muscles in the back are too tight, it will be difficult for the abdomen to get close to the thighs.

Solution: in yoga, there are many postures of deep stretching back, such as arm holding forward flexion, downward dog pose, hero forward flexion, double angle extension, etc.


The calf muscles are too tight to practice yoga forward flexion, and few people will pay attention to the calf.

In fact, if the calf is too thick and tense, like the hamstring muscles, it will also affect the amplitude of forward flexion.

Moreover, if some gamma people feel more about the stretch of their lower legs than the hamstrings during forward flexion, it is likely that their lower legs are too tense at this time.

Solution: in yoga, the exercises of stretching and relaxing calf muscles are better, such as strengthening side stretching, horseback variant, mountain variant and so on.


The plantar fascia is too tight.

Although the tension of plantar fascia does not play a great decisive role in yoga forward bending, if it is too tight, it will really affect the range of forward bending, because it is also a part of the back watch chain of the body in yoga forward bending.

If the range of forward flexion is not deep enough, you can try to relax the plantar fascia.

You will find that the range of forward flexion will be greatly improved.

If you don’t believe it, you can try it immediately.

Solution: put the fascia ball or tennis ball on the sole of your foot, press it deeply, and roll it slowly and controlled until the position of the whole sole of your foot is completely relaxed and pressed to.


Don’t rotate the pelvis forward.

If you want your abdomen to be close to your thighs and bend forward more deeply in yoga, you must learn to rotate the pelvis forward.

Many Jia people like to arch their backs in forward flexion exercises.

On the one hand, it may be because the muscles at the back of the body are too tense, on the other hand, they may not rotate the pelvis forward.

Solution: practice more yoga cat cow pose.

In yoga cat pose, the pelvis rotates backward.

In yoga cow pose, the pelvis rotates forward.

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