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Xiaomei Yoga 2022 issue 1 | clean food – enjoy the journey of meditation

What is net food? Net food is to use a period of dietary control to temporarily stop the operation of digestive function, completely put the metabolism into excretion, and excrete waste toxins from the body, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the body.

During the period of food purification, the nutrition stored in the tissue can be combined with external supplementary water or appropriate natural nutrient solution to maintain life and health.

Net food can improve 1 Improve constipation, obesity, chloasma, acne, halitosis, eczema and duodenal ulcer 2 Adjust weight 3 Improve physique 4 Purification and detoxification 5 Accessory renal cortical hormone secretion 6 Generate self-healing ability 7 Enhance immunity and antibody function 8 Effective relaxation of nerves 9 Natural skin beauty 10 Adjustment and change of eating habits 11 Cultivate temperament who is suitable for 1.

People with obvious sub-health problems and different types of symptoms.

For example, people with excess nutrition, over obesity, three high population, slow metabolism, physical and mental fatigue, constipation, especially intractable constipation and obese people, and so on.


People who want to relieve work pressure, reactivate physical functions, supplement and improve physical energy, mental workers and those with excessive mental pressure need self-healing, improve physical and spiritual growth, understand life and improve the realm of practice.


Health care lovers who want to experience the health care effect of clean food.

The plan of a year is spring.

Since ancient times, the beginning of spring is one of the most important traditional festivals of the year and the first of the 24 solar terms.

After the beginning of spring, the weather warms up and everything recovers.

The weather changes from cold to warm, and the first warm returns to cold, while the warm and toxic pathogens begin to act, and all kinds of pathogenic bacteria and viruses grow and reproduce.

Spring is the best time to develop Yang Qi and eliminate toxins in the body.

The ancients said that the time of year is spring and the time of day is morning.

Spring is the beginning of the four seasons and the opportunity for internal pregnancy and ascension.

We should cherish it, cherish it and make use of its precious creativity.

At the same time, the toxins deposited in the body in winter will also be excreted with the enhancement of liver function.

In the spring of 2022, the registration of net food detoxification training began.

99 yuan was paid in advance and two books about Valley therapy, a brief history of Valley therapy and valley therapy, signed by the author, were presented! Phase 1 registration starts today…

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