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Fall in love with yoga 99 yuan to grab 5 major projects (including air Yoga / high temperature / pilates equipment / private education /

Group purchase rules: ① each person is limited to one copy of each package; ② since the purchase is successful, Non written off orders enjoy a 15 day refund without reason (excluding postal products) For refunds over 15 days, wechat fees and other fees shall be deducted.

Usage rules: ① after successful purchase: valid until April 12, 2022 ② advance reservation is required.

Business information: Store Name: love yoga contact telephone: 18998630665 store address: Shop 19-21, sunshine happiness lane, No.

668, Macao road.

Business hours: 8:00-22:00.

The newly opened love yoga has 700 + square meters, 165 parking spaces.

The log color decoration style brings you a calm and relaxed environment, which makes people attracted by its temperament as soon as you enter the door, and you just need to remove the fatigue in life and put your body and mind into.

Professional teaching team, one-on-one service, with dance rhyme, high temperature, pilates equipment, small classes, air, postpartum repair, physiotherapist private education and other comprehensive libraries, diversified to meet the practice needs of different foundations and ages.

The classroom is clean and bright, with windows in each room.

Soft natural light comes in through the veil, which makes it easier for people to calm down and relax.

Air yoga # combines yoga movements with air ropes to feel the body weight, deepen the stretching of posture, and exercise a lot of shoulder and neck muscles.

If you want to lose fat and shape, air yoga is worth trying! Air yoga is not only good-looking, but also deepens the stretching, resistance and orthostatic ability of asanas due to its use of gravity, centrifugal force and the weight of the practitioner’s body.

I don’t stop rotating and jumping ~ air yoga has a beautiful state of mind and feels like dancing in the air.

While exercising, it also makes you feel particularly fun ~ high temperature Yoga is a flexible sport.

It is especially suitable for people who often sit in the office when doing yoga in a high temperature environment of 38 ℃ – 40 ℃.

In addition, high-temperature yoga can exercise muscles and the softness of the body.

Pilates is a kind of deep muscle exercise, which focuses more on the training of muscle control and is assisted by large instruments, which is more accurate and controllable.

The movement moves slowly from shallow to deep.

During this period, the accuracy of the movement is constantly adjusted.

Xiaobai, who has just started Pilates, can rest assured that the teacher will accompany professional guidance.

The teachers are professional enough.

The exercise results of various students are the best proof.

There is no need to worry about the professional skills of teachers.

The professional guidance of private teaching is stronger, which can make the coach know the body management of members like the back of his hand, and create an exclusive fitness plan for students.

Weimi Weimi shaping course integrates a number of efficient aerobic exercises.

It is different from general fat reduction training.

It not only pays attention to weight and body fat, but also pays more attention to the growth of skeletal muscle and the creation of body lines.

Shoulder neck / orthosis} is to regard yoga practice as a journey.

While preventing, there are different special skills for different problems.

Yoga is the rhythm of the body.

The longer you practice, you will find that each practice is a kind of enjoyment, so you forget all kinds of pain.

Every breath and breath is a “close contact” navigation information with heaven and earth.

Shop name: love yoga shop address: Shop 19-21, sunshine happiness Lane, No.

668, Macao road..

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