Fanya Yoga starts on the eighth day of the first month. It’s good luck to meet your health and happiness!

Start the new year with great auspiciousness Fanya Yoga Crystal City store elegant ▲ comfortable ▲ General Administration of sports Guangxi Gypsy yoga center, a five-star fitness center, was awarded by Guangxi Gypsy Yoga Association (Guangxi Gypsy Yoga Association) The evaluation center ▲ won the honorary title of five-star venue of the General Administration of sports ▲ was authorized by the fitness yoga evaluation center of the General Administration of sports ▲ Fitness Yoga section examination of the General Administration of sports ▲ training examination of social sports instructors in Guangxi ▲ Yoga coaches taught in communities and colleges, You must hold the certificate of social sports instructor ▲ the official training above Fitness Yoga referee training of the General Administration of sports is undertaken and co organized by Fanya yoga.

You are highly knowledgeable.

Beyond your dream for 14 years, Fanya yoga has won success with strength, trained thousands of excellent Yoga coaches for employment, and helped more people get healthy.

Here you are..

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