Feel tired at work? A set of yoga teacher’s favorite repair sequence, let you full of energy!

Tonight I’ll share a simple repair sequence for you.

Now you can practice at home to relieve your fatigue and go to work tomorrow! When practicing, pay attention to breathing, relax your body as much as possible, and leave all bad emotions at the moment.

01 hero sits on the Yoga pillow with his legs separated under his hips, kneels on the pillow, keeps his shoulders relaxed, his spine extended, closes his eyes, and stays for 3-5 minutes.

02 lying hero kneels and stands on the cushion surface with his feet slightly larger than his hips.

His knees can be separated by the same width as his hips.

Put the Yoga pillow on the back of his hips and exhale.

Lie back on the pillow with his shoulders relaxed, Stay for 3-5 minutes 03 sit and bend forward, sit and stand on the cushion surface, straighten your legs, put the Yoga pillow on your thighs, inhale, extend your spine and exhale, lie down on the pillow with your upper body down and stay for 3-5 minutes 04 supine twist supine, straighten your legs and bend your right knee forward, put your left hand on the outside of your right knee, exhale to the right, put your right leg on the pillow, and try not to leave your shoulders off the cushion surface for 3-5 minutes, Change the other side to practice 05.

The frog kneels and stands on the cushion surface, with both knees open to both sides, and the large and small legs are 90 °, the upper body lies on the pillow, one side of the face is close to the pillow, and the hands are placed on both sides of the head.

Stay for 3-5 minutes.

06 lie on your back with the pillow under the back waist.

Straighten your legs up into the inverted arrow or practice with your legs against the wall.

Stay for 3-5 minutes.

07 baby kneels and stands on the cushion surface, The legs are slightly separated, and the upper body of the hip is prone to lie down on the pillow.

Put your hands on both sides of the body and stay for 3-5 minutes.

08 relax and lie on your back.

Put the Yoga pillow under the knee socket and completely relax the body.

Stay for 3-5 minutes.

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