Gorgeous and elegant yoga pants are handsome and charming, showing the fashionable personality of beautiful women, fashionable and exquisite

Gorgeous and elegant yoga pants are handsome and charming, showing the fashionable personality of beautiful women, fashionable and exquisite.

The matching of yoga pants is like the two less fixed matching methods mentioned before.

In fact, dark color, white color, apricot color or not too dark color can be matched.

Wearing one color of the whole body is inevitably monotonous, and such collocation can wear a gentle, elegant and bright style.

Because the whole body clothes are similar in depth, the checked pants have the same effect.

This kind of plaid trousers with different depth with the top, coupled with high heels, is not only harmonious and lovely, but also can show the vitality of the whole person with bright pointed high heels.

Moreover, this matching method of color matching echoes each other also makes the two different directions change.

And tired of seeing the same dark color or color, suddenly there is a bright white yoga pants.

It is also difficult to change each other when changing colors, but we can play a little careful.

Today, I’ll teach you how to match the popular white shorts this year.

The yoga pants in this color are a relatively sunny and pure color.

However, due to the lack of too many waist design in the light color system such as shirts and half pants, they only look straight and the pants are like a strip wrapped around the chest, rather than slim.

So we might as well try this kind of yoga pants with a tight T-shirt inside, and the whole upper body will be in the shape of half pants.

In addition to being gentle and fresh, it will also make you look tall and straight.

So we can change the thinner T-shirts and translucent accessories into solid color, which will make the whole person more fresh and clean.

With a loose white yoga pants, we might as well try a denim jacket to enrich the whole look, which can avoid the overall feeling of yoga pants.

In fact, denim jacket is also a very versatile piece, but its single attribute makes the denim jacket more playful.

It can be combined with broken flower yoga pants or printed pants.

If white is too bright, You will find that the whole person looks too bright and boastful.

Denim coats can be matched with low saturation colors, which will enhance the vitality of the whole person.

Of course, pure white also often gives us a sweet and fresh feeling.

Pure white yoga pants with purple letter T-shirts will form a large area of purple, which will look disharmonious.

However, if we deal with it through other methods, such as removing the purple, or when the purple wearing method is harmonious, it will make the purple more neutral in terms of overall visual effect and simple wearing.

We can show the word collar, which will be more feminine.

With a red one-line collar coat and a pair of trousers, you can choose a purple one-line collar coat, which will make the whole collocation more beautiful.

Today’s graphic tutorial matches white yoga pants with the above three colors, but this has passed the period of old flowers, and the effect will not be particularly great.

After all, old flowers have more fancy versions, so this issue can learn from the following colors of yoga pants.

In fact, for pure white, we can match different colors to achieve different matching effects.

For light colored yoga pants, we can try gray, a low gray color, and the whole person will be more harmonious…

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