Gorgeous and elegant yoga pants are handsome and charming, with elegant temperament, fashionable and exquisite

Gorgeous and elegant yoga pants are handsome and charming, with elegant temperament, fashionable and exquisite.

The matching of yoga pants is really a test of matching skills.

The star effect should be the first choice for domestic Taobao buyers.

In the clothing open class of vice and fashion talent Tim, there are a lot of videos about the matching of yoga pants, which saves a lot of trial and error time and is more practical than the single product recommendation I wrote before.

If you don’t know how to match yoga pants, check out Tim’s original video.

It’s mainly to match with the introduction video.

If you want to wear it more advanced, match it with more fashionable and personalized pieces on the basis of the original.

In fact, no matter at home or out, if you visit magazines and sample clothes on stars, you will certainly learn some taste and fashion information.

After all, magazines also rely on these to make their popularity and brand reputation.

Without this information, you basically can’t start with the clothes in the magazine wardrobe.

If you don’t know what to buy, at least you have some sense of choice.

No matter where you buy it, the color must not be too abrupt or too bright.

You can blow your interest in buying this dress.

These colors, such as nude, bright green, or bright blue.

The matching principle should be simple and concise.

Yoga pants are not suitable for projects with multiple layers of superposition.

It is not easy to buy comfortable and suitable for yourself.

Be sure to clearly mark all parts, such as where the waist line is, in the middle or in a relatively low position.

The color should not be all white.

The transition from white to black should not be pure white on both sides.

The yoga pants that seem to be the prototype of a sweater are too heavy.

The length of the skirt, of course, the shorter the better.

If it is a long style, the hem must be slightly longer.

Tailoring is still very important.

If you buy Yoga Pants with large shoulders, wide sleeves or more accumulation at the sleeves, you will look short and fat as a whole.

For the material selection of skirt, you can choose casual and soft ones.

Cotton and knitting are good.

Trousers need to fit the clothes, not too short or too long.

Anyway, it’s size skirts and yoga pants.

Don’t think of jeans in fresh colors.

If you’re sexy, you’ll wear less jeans.

It’s too boring.

In addition to the pattern of yoga pants, you can play freely.

In addition to the basic style, you can also choose some yoga pants with color painting and three-dimensional feeling.

Black and white gray, love wave point and lotus leaf edge, in short, everything is according to personal preferences.

Yoga pants also have many different ways to show thin or slim, such as covering the hips, shortening the hem and lifting the skirt.

The slim style can also show thin legs.

Talk about the distinctive Yoga Pants brands on Taobao.

You may not have heard of them, but there are also many special yoga pants brands on Taobao, such as Ninewest, manoloblahnik and so on.

Last year, I saw a yoga pants sold on the Internet.

There was a very slender shoulder strap on the skirt.

It’s really rare.

The bottom dress is a white gauze skirt.

The design of suspenders and some white bows are very fashionable.

This style is similar to the style of some yoga pants worn by verawang and Gries models, but verawang’s length is a little short, and Manolo’s seems to grow above the ankle…

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