Gorgeous and elegant yoga pants are handsome and charming. They are sexy and cool

Gorgeous and elegant yoga pants are handsome and charming.

They are sexy and cool.

The collocation of yoga pants is fat for different body proportions and body proportions, but there is a lot of fault tolerance for girls with thin waist.

The most common body type of girls with thin upper body and fat lower body is pear shaped body.

Previous articles also said that the key to wearing pear shaped body is tightening and loosening.

Why is it so tight? Because the combination of tightening and loosening will be more protective for some girls with thick legs.

Thus, the upper body is thin and the legs are thick.

If you want to look good, the combination of tightening and loosening is the first choice.

The matching strategy of pear shaped figure with yoga pants.

Before we start the detailed matching of yoga pants, let’s see which types of girls with thinner upper body are more suitable for wearing yoga pants? One shoulder yoga pants.

Classic versatile striped yoga pants.

Loose sweater + casual pants + leather shoes.

Just exposed his slender shoulders.

Wear a slightly looser coat with pencil pants.

Yoga pants with a V-neck will be thinner than those without a V-neck.

Do you have the most slim and tall yoga pants? It doesn’t matter if you don’t match the above collocations.

I believe many girls wear floral skirts.

The matching of floral skirts often uses white, black, beige and gray.

The thinnest floral skirt is white, black and beige.

If you like floral skirts, please choose a simpler one.

What color is used to separate the color difference between loose sweater and skirt? If there is a color difference between the upper and lower body, you can choose a color almost close to the arm.

Red, orange, big red and big purple are thin and tall colors.

White, usually matched with the same color system.

In terms of the matching of yoga pants, it is also a good choice to increase their body proportion by tightening and loosening up and down.

The matching method of yoga pants is basically these.

Do you think it’s difficult? It’s not hard.

The difficulty is that you can’t understand other people’s collocation.

P1 first choose the style suitable for your body and the proportion of tightening and loosening.

Hold the ratio of tightening and loosening, and you will be thinner and taller.

P2 still can’t grasp this proportion, so choose a style close to the loose proportion of the upper body.

Just pinch the one shoulder yoga pants to your arm position.

If you are a thin pear shaped figure, you can use the combination of short coat and medium coat.

Jacket, middle coat + pencil pants + Martin boots.

You think it’s over? That’s too belittling your legs.

Look at the matching of long legged Europa and Pakistan in the street.

If you don’t wear Yoga Pants correctly, they will also be matched and worn as thick legs.

If your legs are thick, will you still wear yoga pants? Long legged girl still worried about not having the right yoga pants? Thick legs or thick legs? That’s all for today.

If you want to know more collocation skills and dressing skills,..

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