“Gourd” figure Yoga Pants beauty, improve the beauty of body shape, white sneakers

“Gourd” figure Yoga Pants beauty, improve the beauty of body shape, white sneakers.

The collocation of yoga pants is very changeable.

Different styles of yoga pants have different collocation rules.

The following Xiaobian will introduce you how to match different styles of yoga pants to look good? How can I wear yoga pants with a high sense.

The skirt is a versatile yoga pants with sleeveless top, which looks capable.

A pair of straight pants is thin and can cover the meat.

MM who usually don’t like to wear skirts can choose straight pants.

Matching with a light color coat will make the whole clean and refreshing.

Shorts with polo shirt can raise the waist line, slim and high.

Most people are not suitable for loose jeans.

They are fat and have short legs.

At this time, we should choose shorts.

It looks like our legs are long and straight.

How to match yoga pants? How to match yoga pants? How to match yoga pants? The most versatile style: umbrella skirt yoga pants do not require high body, but the disadvantage is that they are too fat.

If you are too plump or short girls, don’t choose umbrella skirts.

How to match yoga pants? Because the petite mm can choose this umbrella skirt, it looks small and feminine visually.

The best accessory of umbrella skirt is to expose half of the clavicle, which looks wider and thinner.

The way to tie a skirt: tie a pair of trousers around the waist.

Under the Department of a pleated skirt or a waist skirt, thin legs mm can also wear a large umbrella skirt.

The above introduces several yoga pants that supermodels are wearing to make the body proportion more symmetrical.

MM people had better buy more accessories, such as silk scarves or scarves.

Supermodel, supermodel and fashion depend on the overall matching.

If you think the yoga pants are too fancy and want to keep the “original” look, wear a thin skirt tied around your waist.

Everyone’s favorite yoga pants are tied with a silk scarf on the waist.

It’s no problem not to tie it.

It just makes the overall look more delicious.

Tie a silk scarf around your waist.

It’s strange to scatter it at ordinary times, but the effect is better.

As mentioned above, it is strange to tie a silk scarf around the waist, but the effect is better.

Next, we introduce two more convenient ways to fasten your waist.

1、 Wrap it around twice and tie it around your waist.

In this way, it’s best to tie the silk scarf in the middle or both sides of the yoga pants.

2、 Method 1.

If there is a belt on the waist, method 1 can be used.

Is it more convenient.

What about mm with thick legs? First buy a pair of high-heeled insoles on the upper body, which will become like this.

With high-heeled insoles, you can wear short skirts willfully as long as you buy another fine silk scarf.

Don’t tie more silk scarves around your waist.

Increasing your waist circumference will make you thinner.

If the legs are too thick, I want to buy flesh colored scarves, which are thin and white.

We often buy medium high heels.

Please quit here (if you can’t buy them, don’t buy them).

We want to change a pair with high heels and low heels! The sister of “elephant leg” must buy thin high heels to have effect.

What if the arm is too thick? Here’s a suggestion for you: tie it with clips or cuff straps.

Choose a small shirt or top with a high collar backing or high collar sweater.

Absolutely thin! If you tie your shirt around your waist, it will have the effect of a belt.

How to match yoga pants? Comparison of different lengths of skirt: the middle length of skirt: it is thin, the waist line is raised, and it is high…

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