“Gourd” figure Yoga Pants beauty, grasp the details, white inside and white

“Gourd” figure Yoga Pants beauty, grasp the details, white inside and white.

Yoga pants are mostly matched according to the differences of color and style, so the effect is the most beautiful.

However, there will also be some collocations that “hit the face”, which sometimes need special attention to avoid.

For example, I often see those fashionable clothes that are very photogenic, so I’ll share them with you today! 1.

Classic versatile black Yoga Pants everyone must be familiar with the most classic versatile black yoga pants.

No matter it’s warm or snowy, you won’t make mistakes in choosing it.

However, in the ordinary collocation, we should also pay attention to that the top must be looser than the bottom.

If it is matched with a tight coat or the bottom is too short, it will appear that the legs are short and short.


High end design yoga pants for a high-end design yoga pants, although it looks beautiful, we should avoid too complicated decoration or too rustic.

In the dressing collocation, when there is too complicated decoration, you must match it with wide leg pants or darker pants to neutralize the bright decorative elements.


Yoga pants with too bright colors for girls who often wear bright colors in the wardrobe, if you want to match black yoga pants, you can actually match them with a same color system.

If you want to wear a bright color yoga pants, you can match it with black wide leg pants or darker pants.

But don’t match the bag to brighten the whole body, otherwise it will make the whole person look black and fat.


An old-fashioned matching coat is a more old-fashioned matching coat.

In fact, they usually choose the top to match with accessories, and many people will choose bags, coats or bags to match when matching.

However, today’s sharing is a suit coat and yoga pants.


Light colored short Yoga Pants light colored short yoga pants are a must-have item and are also suitable for autumn and winter.

However, in the matching of yoga pants, if you want to shine, you also need to match a high collar sweater.

Matching a high neck sweater is actually visually weakening the proportion of your stature and figure…

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