The yoga pants with “big crotch” are beautiful, light, good-looking, temperament, cool and comfortable

The yoga pants with “big crotch” are beautiful, light, good-looking, temperament, cool and comfortable.

Many of the collocations of yoga pants are based on the feeling of girls.

More importantly, they are the harmony of clothes colors.

With small highlights such as high waist or waist line, they will look very harmonious.

For more reference, I will make up my personal recommendation and find professionals to help you transform.

In the later stage, there may be some small highlights, such as private letters.


Long sleeved sweaters and trousers can be long up and short down in order to lengthen people.

The overall feeling is relatively high.

It is suggested that friends with bad legs can buy longer pants, which will look better if they have a better leg shape.

It is absolutely necessary to match the long sweater with the nine point pants, and it is too high to match the ankle boots.

Short sleeved sweaters can be worn with long 9-point pants.

You can also match shorts.

Of course, first of all, you need to determine whether your leg shape is OK.

In addition, this matching style is feminine and no longer outdated this year.


For long clothes and trousers, a red short sleeved bodysuit and trousers are very girly.

Choose some accessories for the waist and upper body, such as lace, which makes you look beautiful and feminine.

A bow on the chest can add a little retro style.

Wearing white shirts and trousers will look clean, and comfortable length can wear a good sense of elegance.

This kind of simple canvas umbrella pants will be very sexy when choosing irregular umbrella pants or straight umbrella pants.

The umbrella pants scattered to the lower body are very thin.

Most of them are thin with long belts.

It is also a concave artifact when going out for travel.


There are many pleats like yoga pants, and the A-shaped pants are also lively and lovely.

It will look cleaner with a larger pair of sunglasses.

The style of slim fit a-word yoga pants is sweet.

The neckline, predecessor and pants hem are slim and look more foreign.

The gray neckline design looks very artistic, and the tonality of dark green and dark blue looks higher.

This kind of letter probably appears most.

For more reference here.

The orange yoga pants will look very fresh, and the white tee inside will make you a fresh and sweet boy.

Remember that the waist treatment of this kind of yoga pants is very important.

It’s good to look good only when it’s hanging.

This Levis diagonal shoulder jacquard.

White tee, blue floral pants, leg pants left on the thigh.

It is an artifact that shows height and thin.

As long as the yellow coat is matched with the light gray backing tee and a pair of slim white pants, it will be very colorful and cute.


Loose yoga pants are easy to get fat when choosing loose yoga pants.

For example, this kind of yoga pants will be placed near the knee.

This kind of loose shorts will make people wear tiger back and bear waist, so it is better to choose the appropriate neckline and waist material, otherwise the whole is more bloated.

A-shape is also common.

The width is a little larger.

It will look better if it is matched with a belt.

If the design of the hem deviates from the fabric of yoga pants, it will look very rustic.


Plaid Yoga Pants plaid is a kind of retro element.

The design of pants is relatively loose, which will look cute.

Compared with striped straight pants, it is more suitable for thinner people, and the overall feeling will be more advanced.

It’s OK to match tee and trousers on the bottom.

Plaid pants of this color will look higher and higher.

They are versatile when equipped with high heels.

The upper body chooses V-neck to make the waist line well exposed..

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