The beauty of yoga pants with “big crotch” chooses the style of elegant age reduction, which is unforgettable

The beauty of yoga pants with “big crotch” chooses the elegant style of age reduction, which is unforgettable.

In addition to relying on the matching of the overall shape, the color and texture of yoga pants also account for a large part.

Therefore, the following collocation rules are very meaningful: bright colors with bright colors have strong attraction, but don’t exaggerate too much.

The proportion of upper and lower body of simple modeling is inconsistent, which must be the same as the color of shoes.

This contrasting color matching rule must not be applied to yoga pants.

In fact, it will cause too complicated confusion, which can only make the overall collocation appear disordered.

Low key color add black, white and other non deep and non light colors to the whole of gray or light color, it will become very high-key.

“Low key color with high key” is this truth.

For example, the color of the whole body is soft, so as to highlight the role of clothes.

Take black as the main color, but it can’t be pure color and pure large area.

In this way, there will be a lack of visual hierarchy.

If it is sky blue, light green and other low colors, such colors only appear locally, so removing it will make the whole shape more layered.

After talking about color matching, we have another problem most related to yoga pants, which is pants.

Underwear always matches the human body, which is also an important point.

Especially in summer, we always want to show our small thin legs, and the proportion of pants is also very important.

To make the pants look clean and refreshing, it is recommended to choose pants with normal shape, comfortable style and tight waist.

If it is a single-layer pants, then the color should not be selected, the stripes should not be complex, and the style should not be too complicated.

If it is a fabric yoga pants, be sure to avoid the length of half waist and over knee.

Dark jeans have thick legs and a small face in navy blue.

Light and black trousers are not easy to control, but regular black trousers have an aura.

If you choose trousers and just want to cover up the small thick legs, you can choose the formal style of trousers.

The color of pants pays great attention to the overall matching.

When matching yoga pants, we should also follow this principle.

Different collocation will result in different color effects.

For example, under the warm tone with low saturation, no matter which color, as long as the selected pattern and material will appear warm in the sun.

However, at higher saturation, it will appear monotonous and capable.

Warm hues are warmer at lower saturation.

So try not to choose supersaturated colors for matching.

The color matching rule of trousers will also change according to the “soft hardness” of color.

We can see that among the relatively soft colors with low saturation, pure yellow and pure blue are better matched.

Among the colors with high saturation and low lightness, orange and pure blue are relatively troublesome.

When coloring is difficult, we can choose the high and low lightness of the color to match.

When the saturation of the legs is low, you can choose the bright light green for the overall matching.

Light blue and light green with slightly higher saturation in the thigh.

It can be slightly different, but if you choose the same blue on your pants, it will be more youthful.

When the leg saturation is high, it will be more resistant to pure blue and vermilion with low lightness…

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