“Baby fat” Yoga Pants beauty, novel cutting design, exquisite and elegant (2)

“Baby fat” Yoga Pants beauty, novel cutting design, exquisite and elegant.

Tips for matching Yoga Pants: everyday, denim skirt with A-line skirt or half skirt, wide leg pants and apricot jeans are very good.

Most girls like these two kinds of matching.

Then many girls encounter this problem.

They don’t know how to match the colors and how to match the colors of pants.

Let’s talk about it in detail.

1、 Jeans with yoga pants 1 Matching with A-line skirt: A-line skirt has the effect of reducing age.

The front end of jeans plus silk scarf department will be more fashionable and lovely, and yoga pants will not be limited.

So how to match with A-line skirt can increase the effect of self-cultivation.


Matching with wide legged Pants: the color matching of wide legged pants should be determined according to your skin color.

Because your skin color is yellow, you should choose a darker color to have a slim effect.

You can also directly match with dark long ones to increase the visual width and make your waist thinner.


Matching with skirt: skirt is also a common matching.

If the upper body is matched with light colored yoga pants, then matching with a pair of high heels can increase the overall feeling of the body.

Skirt with high heels can lengthen the overall proportion.

2、 Yoga pants with some small accessories 1 Accessories that collide with yoga pants on the upper body: accessories that collide with yoga pants on the upper body, such as pendants and necklaces, are good choices to make your upper body look more exquisite rather than crowded on the body, which is not conducive to matching.


Accessories that collide with Yoga Pants: the lower body is matched with accessories that collide with yoga pants, such as a gold necklace and a pair of light colored high heels.

The color is harmonious with the color of yoga pants, so the matching effect is very good.


Yoga Pants matching bag accessories: a pearl chain bag, a light color watch and a few watches.

This kind of matching is very good.

For collocation, as long as you master these skills, you can make a good collocation.

I hope it can help you.

No matter what collocation is, you must abide by one principle, that is, you can’t dominate the host.

When collocation, don’t let a part of your body take up too much proportion, and if you want to be thin,..

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