“Baby fat” Yoga Pants beauty, novel cutting design, exquisite and elegant (2)

“Baby fat” Yoga Pants beauty, novel cutting design, exquisite and elegant.

I believe many fairies like the matching of Yoga Pants very much.

Today I’ll share some perfect daily matching of yoga pants.

Black, super premium, any? Jeans are really beautiful against them! The proportion of yoga pants + white shoes.

Black and white long knitted coat, high lapel, high and thin.

The loose knit sweater is thin even if you don’t choose people to match, and invincible is tall and thin! The style is looser, the chest collar is slightly looser, highlighting the arm lines, and the micro curled knitted skirt shows that it is feminine.

However, the sweater itself is relatively loose, which is better if it is slightly slim, and the length of the knitted skirt is more suitable for such a loose sweater.

Loose shirt + shirt skirt, without any unnecessary decoration, is a simple shirt skirt.

The solid color is versatile and high.

Personally, I like the solid color clothes very much.

Now in early spring, when the weather is not too cold, such a loose and smooth white T-shirt with a black round neck bottomed shirt is versatile and temperament.

In addition to solid colored skirts, loose shirts with irregular white shirts and skirts will look loose, which can be regarded as a versatile shirt and skirt.

Black and white jeans are simple, practical and good-looking.

No matter going to work or school, you don’t need to wear yoga pants.

Such a sweater with a black square collar shirt skirt won’t appear too bulky.

It has to be said that in recent years, sweaters have the highest frequency in the wardrobe of young girls, which is very daily.

This length of short sweater with vertical stripe top can easily support a beautiful sweater, and it will not appear too bulky if it is short.

I prefer the matching of white sweater and blue skirt in the figure above, which is very elegant and clean.

It’s like white inside and black outside.

If you match a pair of small white shoes at will, people will become particularly concise and comfortable.

Loose and irregular skirt, short sweater and black dress will make your upper body feel dull.

But the collocation is different here.

The design sense of split skirt and lower body skirt echoes each other, mixing and matching to create a new feeling.

This black long sleeved sweater with trousers has always been one of my favorite combination of bottoms.

A loose sweater + trousers and a pair of long and high heels look very comfortable and temperament.

The sweater is slim.

If you are petite, it will look better to choose a shorter one.

Sweaters in black and matching with vests are not easy to step on thunder.

Short sweaters can be matched with 9-point pants or 7-point pants.

The 9-point pants version will show a more slim upper body, long legs and high height.

Chiffon yoga pants with plaid hip skirt are also very common.

They are both beautiful and versatile.

I prefer black-and-white skirts to change my style.

Although white is versatile, it always gives people a dull feeling.

Plaid buttock skirt is not the same.

It is rich in color and decorated with small items such as bracelets and hats, which will make the overall style very fashionable…

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