“Wide crotch” Yoga Pants beauty, fashionable, casual and versatile, full of charm

“Wide crotch” Yoga Pants beauty, fashionable, casual and versatile, full of charm.

There are many styles to choose from for the matching of yoga pants, but we seldom see the clothes directly hanging down and such elegant length in our daily life.

So how should we match it to look good? Let’s take a look at today’s content.


Hip Wrap pants + short coat are short at the top and long at the bottom.

This collocation has always been a necessary item in our wardrobe.

The pants of pants are slightly narrowed at the waist, and the cutting looks very high-grade, without selecting the body.

This length can be matched with small white shoes or comfortable flat shoes to expose ankle boots.

The pants look longer, and the pants are also made of two different fabrics.

This pair of trousers is mainly beige and white in color.

Such length can be controlled whether it is casual or street style.

Girls’ long hair should be carefully selected.

It should not be too long.

Girls should not dye yellow, blue, red and other heavy colors.

If you want to match with a pair of medium and long high heels, there is another more fashionable matching.

You can try Chelsea boots, long yoga pants, a pair of small leather shoes and French shoes of the same color.

This matching is more casual and fashionable.


When matching Chiffon yoga pants + small white shoes yoga pants with ordinary flat shoes, we need to consider the weather.

If the weather is cold, the pants will look bloated with a down coat outside.

In this length, matching with small white shoes will keep you warm, and the exposed ankles are thin enough, very high and very fashionable.


Summer pleated pants + flat shoes this year’s pleated pants fire.

It’s a technical job to match well.

Many people can’t see it.

It’s not that the matching is not good.

It’s that they don’t know how to match.

The fabric of pleated pants is relatively thin.

Compared with the matching of the upper body, they are taller.

If they are not tall enough, try to avoid this length and choose a looser one.


Half body buttock pants + flat shoes, A-shaped shorts and flat shoes are very effective in reducing age, and they can show the figure and modify the leg shape.

When matching, we can work hard on the matching of shoes.

Instead of directly matching boots, you should choose something with better style, such as high heels, sports shoes or sports shoes.


Denim yoga pants + flat shoes this length of yoga pants is very good-looking, but when matching, you can look at the leg length and skin color.

If you have a slender figure, it is recommended to match with a pair of flat shoes, which looks more fashionable.


Fluffy pants + flat shoes fluffy pants are not only slim, but also look more personalized.

They are also more advanced with flat shoes and have a fashionable atmosphere.

When matching puffy pants with flat shoes, the most important thing is color.


Garden yoga pants + sandals and flat shoes look relatively comfortable.

If you like this yoga pants, it looks more casual with canvas sandals.

Although we don’t care about sandals, we wear a windbreaker or other similar items to make this look look more advanced.

If you want to match it with a more elegant effect, you have to choose a pair of shoes.

If you match this pair of shoes, you can match it with a garden scarf, which has the taste of a lady.


9-point wide leg pants are more suitable for tall people.

They will appear short when matched with flat shoes, and 9-point wide leg pants need to be matched with high heels to appear tall…

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