The beauty of yoga pants with “wide crotch” is enviable and more elegant

“Wide crotch” Yoga Pants beauty, eye-catching shape, enviable and more elegant.

Yoga pants match recommendation 1.

Yoga pants match with high waist Capris.

The hem of high waist Capris is straight (don’t be too fluffy), which will lengthen the proportion.

Hip wrapped Capris are especially suitable for skirts with the hem tightened up.

Generally, the straight skirt will squeeze the upper part of the hip into it, and the part of the legs will be empty, making the legs appear thinner.

The effect of matching Capris with a simple and loose shirt and high waist Martin boots is the same.

Yoga pants with short boots II.

This collocation: Hip Wrap Skirt like this will highlight the line of the lower body and is a model of thin.

Do not choose too loose material for solid color hip wrap skirt.

It is a crisp feeling in itself.

Matching with large area of solid color and too loose fabric will not only not show thin, but also show fat.

Choose a simple shirt for the lower body, either solid or striped.

Onepiece high waist T-shirt with skirt is good.

3、 Yoga pants must be matched to learn to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses.

A-shaped long skirt is the patent of thin people.

To lengthen the body proportion, be sure to choose a hip wrap skirt with a length a little above the knee.

But how to wear a skirt and high waist yoga pants is thin.

Straight shoulder is a very suitable choice for some small sisters with shoulder width.

Round necked shirts are recommended for big and long legs.

Never choose yoga pants with wide shoulder straps.

The Hip Wrap Skirt with wide shoulder straps is very fat.

It’s very important to stretch your clothes.

Don’t make your body look too bloated.

Yoga pants with too many sleeveless hem will have a sense of expansion, and whether to choose solid color for loose hip wrap skirt is a pit.

4、 Short pants will make your legs thinner.

How to match yoga pants to not be fat is a worry for both long and short legs.

Short pants or skirts with high waist pants will lengthen the short legs by a few centimeters, which visually makes the legs very thin.

Short wide leg pants will lengthen the thickness of the legs appropriately to make the legs look slender.

For tall, short, fat and thin girls, narrow leg pants are more suitable, while thick wide leg pants are not suitable.

Girls who are a little fat and short in the lower body are not very suitable.

If they are fat in the lower body and moderately thin in legs, they will appear uncoordinated.

The black-and-white pleated skirt is a good match for the lower body yoga pants.

It is a perfect way to cover the meat and show thin.

The length of the pedal just shows the ankle, which is tall and thin.

You can choose the length of the front half.

After all, it is shorter and thinner.

For thick thighs, thin legs, thick thighs and thin legs, they are suitable for thick thighs.

5、 Yoga pants with sandals will be thin, high heels will be high, but the control of length is also very important.


High waist and small foot pants or shorter jeans, to create large long legs and thick thighs, we must stay away from this kind of big shorts, but small black pants or small skirts can be matched with this kind of irregular split valgus pants, and the effect is surprisingly good.

Long legs.

Don’t expose your shortcomings all at once…

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