The “wide crotch” yoga pants are beautiful, simple, neat and thin, relaxed and comfortable

The “wide crotch” yoga pants are beautiful, simple, neat and thin, relaxed and comfortable.

The collocation of yoga pants is very diverse.

Now let’s introduce several simple collocations.

1、 Bobian Yoga Pants bobian yoga pants can be said to be a very classic collocation.

We can wear them in different styles.

It can be matched with tops of different colors and styles, such as black yoga pants in Figure 1, and red or yellow calf socks.

The upper body can also be matched, as shown in Figure 2.

The black shirt and white wave point yoga pants can be matched with light color high waist straight pants, which makes the whole person look very energetic.

We can also match the wave point yoga pants with a flat shoe, which can make the wave point yoga pants look playful and lovely.

As shown in Figure 3, the model can match with a simple flat shoe, and show the slender calf, which makes people see the slender leg.

This kind of matching is very suitable for summer.

The model in Figure 4 is also paired with a simple wave point yoga pants, which is very refreshing.

This style is also a style that boys prefer.

2、 Pleated Yoga Pants “pleated pants” is actually a very beautiful girl, fresh and gentle girl.

Girls with good figure can try pleated pants.

As shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2, the models match too many wave points, which is very exaggerated.

The upper body is matched with a white or white coat, which can be slim and sexy.

Pair the lower body with tight straight pants.

Simple and lovely collocation is OK.

Straight pants are a kind of pants with thin legs.

3、 Broken flower Yoga Pants broken flower yoga pants are a kind of pants that are more popular in recent years.

Broken flower yoga pants can be said to be a combination of fresh and refined.

Wearing them can make you look very young and full of immortality.

This kind of collocation can be a pair of pants with a wide waist or a kind of pants with a slightly retracted waist, which can be matched in different styles.

For example, the model in Figure 3 chooses some broken flower yoga pants with a small waist.

This kind of dressing can not only highlight your body, but also show the lines of your legs.

Figure 4 shows the matching of shorts.

Shorts are suitable for most girls.

Slightly looser yoga pants can show your big legs, and such yoga pants are also easier to match.

The model in Figure 5 can choose to show a little of your small waist.

This collocation is really cute.

4、 Half length pants half length pants are also a very popular kind of pants in recent years.

The upper body can be well fitted with white or white jacket.

The lower body can be a low waist umbrella shorts, which can well cover the thighs.

The above three kinds of trousers are our choice, and we can match them in any style.

You can also try this kind of long pants.

The length is best below the knee, because the pants with too long length will look like a stack, which will make the whole person look very bloated.

The matching of hair style is also very important, because everyone’s hair style is determined according to their facial features and skin color, so we should make a choice according to their facial features and skin color when choosing hair style.

If you have any suggestions on collocation and dress collocation, please pay attention to my column.

I will keep updating the topic of collocation and dress collocation…

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