Help! Yoga guinea pigs are so cute!

Yoga guinea pigs are so cute! How do guinea pigs practice yoga? This popular little guinea pig Yoga cartoon comes from cartoonist Lesley desantias.

This group of pictures immediately made many people shout cute and burst out as soon as they were launched! They look naive, but when they do yoga, every move is unambiguous.

Let’s have a look! Although my legs are short, I can reach my feet ~ I’m always so focused when I practice yoga.

My short hands can support my whole round body.

Oh, take a deep breath.

Our guinea pigs also like to enjoy the realm of physical and mental unity in yoga.

I’ve done my best.

Don’t laugh at me.

Oh, I’ll become a yoga master one day, right? I like my pink yoga mat.

What do you think of it? Everyone praised me for doing a great pose.

I’m so happy! It seems that I didn’t practice in vain at home at ordinary times ~ I’ve persisted for a long time this time! Balance is a problem.

Guess how many yoga mats I have? These Yoga guinea pigs are so cute that they want to take them home! People’s guinea pigs practice yoga so hard that we have to cheer together! ヾ (◍ ◍) guess you want to read ▼ dry goods? I don’t advise you to practice yoga, because…

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