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If you want to learn yoga in the new year, how can you find a good teacher?

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On the first day of construction, let’s talk about sports.

Every time I write an article about yoga, someone will ask, how can I find a good yoga teacher? Or how to judge whether the teacher is good or not? It is very important to find a professional and kind teacher who is suitable for you.

I have also had personal experience.

In the past three years, I have been teaching private lessons in Mr.

treasure Wang, but last year, a new yoga studio was opened downstairs.

I thought it was very convenient nearby.

I wanted to have a small class there, so I got an annual card on impulse.

As a result, I only went there twice.

I felt very tired every time and had a bad experience.

Although it was painful to think of the silver floating in the water, I didn’t have the courage to go again.

Fortunately, I have fallen in love with this sport.

I can judge that the teachers and courses there are not suitable for me.

If it was the first time I came into contact with yoga, I would probably turn around and walk away.

I would never dare to touch this sport again.

I once chatted with the teacher there.

I asked her how many years she had practiced yoga, and she said two years.

On the one hand, I admire her qualifications.

It only takes two years to get all kinds of Yoga coach certificates.

At the same time, I also understand why she is not suitable for me.

It is precisely because of her good qualifications and physical conditions that it may be difficult to understand the difficulties of people with poor qualifications like me.

She can complete the movements professionally in front, but she can’t observe my difficulties and guide me well.

I remember that Mr.

Wang told me that now I can be a yoga teacher when I go to a teaching and training class.

And I should still be a good teacher, because I have made all the mistakes I will make when practicing yoga, and I must be very sympathetic to my students.

Therefore, people who practice yoga very well may not be able to become a good teacher.

Then how can we find a good teacher for ourselves? First of all, what kind of yoga teacher is good? Everyone’s judgment criteria may be different.

Let me talk about my criteria in general: how can you see that the teacher really loves yoga when you really love yoga and enjoy yoga? My little suggestion is that you can ask the old teacher a question, “do you practice yoga in addition to class? How long?” My teacher Wang, when she is full of courses for 8 hours a day, she has to practice alone for an additional 2 hours a day as long as there is no emergency.

It can be said that in addition to eating and sleeping, her whole day is accompanied by yoga.

She said that the moment when you bend and stretch your body on the yoga mat is the most peaceful and happy.

For her, yoga is her lifelong love and pursuit, and then she is a tool to make money.

Such a teacher will sincerely hope that every student can practice yoga correctly, benefit from it, and love and promote this sport (just like me).

With her continuous practice and improvement every day, she will also maintain a fresh understanding of this sport and bring it to teaching, so as to better understand the difficulties and needs of each student.

A good friend of mine also met a favorite teacher.

In his own class, whether it is private teaching, large class or small class, the teacher will light the seasonally appropriate essential oil fragrance before each class and complete the course with a curl of fragrance.

She joked that the essential oils were very expensive and she bought them herself.

She was a little reluctant, but she hoped that each section could bring students a beautiful experience immersed in them.

If such a teacher regards practicing yoga as enjoyment and healing, the teaching will not be bad.

Pay attention to students’ physical movements and mental state.

If conditions permit, I suggest beginners not to apply for courses with more than 5 people at the beginning, so that teachers can pay more attention and have a comfortable class experience.

A good teacher will observe everyone’s movements in time and correct them appropriately.

This kind of correction is not necessarily to correct to the standard action, but will see everyone’s physical condition and correct to the most appropriate degree within the scope of ability.

Although several people have classes together, a good teacher will adapt to different degrees of a pose and give it to students with different abilities, “you need to try to do this, and you’ll be very good…” Good Yoga teachers also have empathy and know how to pay attention to the psychological state of students.

A friend said that because of my Amway, I also signed up for a yoga class near my home, but I went there several times and became more and more depressed.

I feel that my body is useless, the whole person is waste, and even start to be afraid of practicing yoga.

For beginners with poor qualifications, sympathetic teachers will know how to encourage them in time.

Just like when Miss Wang first faced my broken body, she would share her story to comfort me, saying that she was in worse physical condition than me.

She could and I would certainly practice well.

Although yoga teachers can’t be regarded as psychological counselors, yoga, which is accompanied by internal observation and healing, should also bring you peace and relaxation.

I have practiced yoga with high frequency for 3 years.

A friend asked me, now you can stand upside down.

Why don’t you take a picture and bask in the sun? Handstand? My teacher never taught me.

So I went to ask Mr.

Wang, why not teach me handstand? She answered me that my shoulder and back strength was not enough, so she didn’t teach me this pose.

Once my shoulder and back strength was enough, handstand was a very simple and natural thing, and it would be easy to do well at that time..

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