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Many people do 60% of yoga poses in vain, you know?

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Why do you practice so many yoga poses, but you always feel that you haven’t made progress and haven’t enjoyed the pleasure that others say? The following is a description of the exercise.

When practicing yoga asanas, just stretch as much as you can.

Don’t force the movement to be in place.

If you feel you can’t do it, please don’t force it.

Just keep the scale at the edge of the limit you can bear.

Yoga practice should be moderate, not forced to adhere to, overdraft physical strength.

If you feel unwell, stop immediately during practice.

Otherwise, it will cause damage to the body.

When practicing, please keep practicing on an empty stomach.

After yoga practice, the body muscles will feel sore like other sports.

This is a normal phenomenon.

Don’t panic.

This can be alleviated by patting and relaxing tense muscles and gentle massage.

If the muscles are too sore and the massage cannot be recovered, ice compress can be used.

When practicing, if you hear your joints popping.

Don’t panic, because your practice has produced results.

At this time, the joints are loosening, making the body gradually soft.

However, if the same part keeps ringing for a certain period of time and begins to feel pain, please stop practicing and tell your coach.

If you have severe pain in one part of your body during practice, please stop immediately and consult the coach.

You can do the same posture under the guidance of the coach.

If the pain continues, please do not do this action for a short time.

For older people, people with old diseases and injuries, it is best to consult a doctor first and then confirm whether they can officially start practicing.

Yoga movements need to experience the process carefully.

Start from one posture to another, and make a good connection between postures.

After reaching the required posture, please keep the posture as much as possible.

The change of yoga posture is divided into steps, and there are nodes between movements.

Don’t think that you are skilled in asana, so you ignore the practice process and turn the action into a habit of inertia.

Breathing is an important part of yoga.

If you don’t cooperate with yoga breathing, many of your postures will be done in vain, and the effect will be greatly reduced, whether in asana practice or breath regulation practice.

With these awareness and belief, enter Yoga space to let Yoga open the body space.

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