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Asha teacher ashtanga yoga class for further research and improvement on the 5th will begin to accept applications from now on

-Namaste – this course is suitable for people: those who have no Yoga foundation and want to learn to practice ah Tang, those who have ah Tang foundation and want to practice regularly, and those who have an in-depth understanding of yoga practice.

Course time: February 23, 2022 – February 27, 2022, 06:00-09:00; Mysore practice (2.23-2.26) 08:30-10:00; lead the course (Sunday, February 27) 10:00-12:30 deep study and intensive lecture of the course syllabus 06:00-09:00 Mysore practice time 10:00-11:00 Sanskrit chanting, yoga octet explanation, breathing application 11:00-12:00 posture decomposition, mutual practice 12:00-12:30 meditation, question answering 14:30-17:00 free review in the classroom to consolidate the seven achievements of this course: 1 In the traditional sense, a Tang’s practice method.


Complete a sequence of explanations, and accurately enter the breathing, gaze point and accurate essentials of body position.


Detailed interpretation of Sanskrit chanting, Sanskrit numbers, Sanskrit style names, etc.


Detailed introduction to the philosophical theory of Yoga eight branches and how to apply it in practice and life.


Exercise essence: an overview of the Trinity.


Penetration of meditation and breathing.


You will learn your own practice, cultivate personal self-discipline and self-practice, balance and refinement* The teacher will not give a complete exercise sequence according to the situation, Please know (Mysore and the leader will practice together with the students in astonga Xi’an) number of courses: in order to ensure the teaching quality, the enrollment is limited to 6 people.

Course cost: original price: 1180 yuan; registration before the 16th: 680 yuan; registration before the 20th: 980 yuan; outdoor practice of astonga yoga will be resumed after the 20th.

Share teacher ASA’s introduction to the training qualification of senior yoga tutors.


Li Yubin ashtangayoga has 500 hours of study.

Ryt200 national Yoga Federation certification.

2018 – present astonga Yoga private education and improvement intensive course.

ASA has accumulated about 2500 hours of intensive learning and teaching experience in Ashtanga Yoga, focusing on the training courses of senior yoga instructors and coaches, one-to-one private teaching and Mysore courses of Ashtanga, and teaching and guidance of Ashtanga Yoga.

2022ashtanga # Xi’an # Mysore # liyubin # workroom latest class schedule about card item fees about lifelong card rights and interests: you can enjoy lifelong free participation in all courses conducted by teacher Li Yubin (including one-to-one private education, training courses, workshops, small classes, early classes, password classes, etc., unlimited time and unlimited course types), Give priority to teacher Li’s teaching assistant qualification in all courses and issue teacher Li Yubin’s 500 hour astonga Yoga certification after passing the examination.

* those who have participated in Astanga training / private teaching conducted by Li Yubin and ASA in 2018-2021 for more than 10 days (including 10 days) or more than 30 private classes during 2018-2022 (including 30 classes, they must be completed, otherwise offset.) Students from all over the country can enjoy a 60% discount to participate in the daily Mysore course and password course.

Training address: course consultation of Yanying Huating (Hongxing Street), Xiying Road, Yanta District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province; asxiaotang wechat: 25518250 (please note the reason for consultation and answer when adding); route: Metro Line 3 or 4 — exit D of DaYanTa station — go East — go west of Hongxing Street Road (the intersection opposite to Xi’an film production) * next to the destination is ICBC, Zhaojia barbecue, pudding hotel, Yuandong supermarket, Yanying modeling * way: bus No.

19; 34 routes; Route 41; 44 routes; 242 road; 400 routes; 408 road; 521 road; 606 road; 701 road; You6 Road (Party School Station of the municipal Party committee) Ashtanga Ashtanga Yoga refinement and practice – Namaste – only focus on the Ashtanga Yoga professional knowledge platform! No matter what you do, being distracted is the most important! Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared.

If you want others to push you, how can you succeed? Please add wechat for course cooperation: 25518250 Hi, Ashtanga is an ancient yoga system, famous for its rigorous science and challenging The practice of astonga is like slowly flowing water, and the beginner is like angular stones.

The practitioner integrates astonga into life and flows through the rigid body like water every day.

In the long run, the body becomes as smooth and round as pebbles Ashtangayoga patabhi joys began to learn and inherit Ashtanga Yoga from Krishna machaya in 1927.

The essence of Ashtanga Yoga lies in vinyasa, that is, the combination of tandem, asana and breathing.

Ashtanga Yoga is a yoga school suitable for anyone and self-discipline practice.

Practicing astonga requires a rigorous attitude and perseverance.

Many astonga teachers will tell their students that anyone can practice astonga except the lazy…

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