Jinli yoga training center | a value-added course for novice Xiaobai

Basic private education 2020.02 if you are practicing yoga at the beginning of Xiaobai, do you have some postures that are unclear, you can’t understand the password, on the contrary, you can’t keep up with the group class at all, and you don’t know whether you are practicing right or wrong? If so, let Jinli basic private education help you solve it.

To solve several major problems, let’s practice less detours, can’t take root correctly, do forward bending posture, won’t break the hip (always bend down to compensate, in the long run, low back pain…) low back pain when bending back, every time I’m afraid of practicing backward bending breathing and yoga posture, I can’t connect / cooperate, I can’t help shrugging my shoulders, collapse when I don’t feel the acid support of my shoulders The abdomen is not tight.

Curriculum design of Jinli yoga training hall.

Breath practice basic stable arm strength activates leg strength activates spine flexibility trains the stable core of pelvis.

Training sun A & Sun B refined speaking posture refined speaking posture refined speaking posture you will get the refined speaking of classic yoga postures: Mountain style, tree style, triangle style, warrior one style, warrior two style, warrior three style, combat three-dimensional forward bending, side extension Strengthen side stretching, half moon, grasping big toes, downward dog, cat, cow, flat, reverse table, camel, one / two leg back stretching, magic chair, boat, bound feet, pigeon, cobra, locust, bow, bridge Upper dog spinal torsion…

Koi yoga training center instructor Wu Yun teacher Wu Yun: National Yoga Federation ryt200 certified teacher, has been practicing yoga since 2012, perceiving the changes of the body in every breath and feeling the spiritual awakening in every practice.

He is good at energy yoga, flow yoga, chanting meditation and other healing courses.

He is a senior personal trainer of Jinli yoga.

Hata200ttc certification in 2014, ryt200 hour certification of national Yoga League in 2016, learning and reciting with Indra teacher in 2018, the first-class course of chanting bowl meditation in 2018, and the second-class course of chanting bowl meditation in 2019.

Teacher Wang Ting: ryt200 hour certified teacher of national Yoga League.

Outstanding graduates of Jinli yoga teacher certification training in 2019.

Focus on yoga breathing method and yoga posture method, combine stretching and strength, static and dynamic, deeply experience, and constantly approach the real self, so as to return to internal peace and joy.

2019 Asia Pacific Yoga League ryt200 hour certification 2019 air Yoga first-class coach certification 2019 Liu kaihuang promotion workshop 2020 national Yoga League ryt200 hour certification Jinli yoga training center koiyoga Jinli yoga training center add: 5th floor of Xi Yiyuan upper court office building Tel: 18147981127 let yoga become your daily habit, stay away from disease and enjoy a healthy and quality life..

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