Yoga 9 ban! Be sure to ban it!

It is forbidden to go on a diet or overeat.

Whether it is to reduce fat or increase muscle, we should pay attention to eating.

During the period of fat reduction, eat less and eat more meals to avoid feeling hungry for a long time.

Every meal should be nutritious, but not uncontrolled.

Overeating is not good for your health.

The core of no staying up late is to pursue a healthy body and life through regular life and exercise habits.

Staying up late is against a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t expect to practice yoga after staying up late to make up for the loss of your body.

Prohibition of casual yoga is a kind of knowledge.

Only with sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical experience can we make great progress.

We should be optimistic, but we should be careful in the attitude of practicing yoga to minimize the risk of injury.


Don’t be paranoid.

Don’t treat your body differently for your own preferences.

If you want to thin your waist, just practice your waist.

It’s not good.

Yoga should not be more serious, step by step, paranoia is easy to get hurt.


Don’t be reckless.

If you don’t meditate, warm up or stretch, you’ll have a difficult pose.

You’re lucky not to get hurt.

Yoga has certain risks.

Don’t hurt yourself or others because of your recklessness.


Do not distract yourself.

When doing yoga, you should integrate movement and mind.

The movement and consciousness should be at one point.

When you think about what to eat and where to play after yoga, the effect will be bad.

Don’t practice for one minute and play for five minutes on your mobile phone.

Your body is cold, your mind is scattered, and your practice is in vain.

It is forbidden to practice only asanas.

Some people only practice asanas and think that meditation and rest are useless.

Meditation can make you calm down and integrate your mind and mind.

Rest allows you to relax your body and mind, cooperate with breathing, complement each other, and are indispensable.

8 No fishing for three days.

Yoga should form a regular habit, several times a week, how long each time, and what to pay attention to after practice.

These should be planned and gradually become a habit.

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