Kneeling in yoga for 30 seconds every day can nourish the stomach and cure low back pain, and the feet are no longer cold!

In ancient times, people basically knelt down to read, eat, rest and talk.

For modern people, kneeling has become a very painful thing.

Many people can’t even hold on for half a minute.

In fact, kneeling has many benefits for our body.

Kneeling for 30 seconds every day can cultivate self-cultivation and prevent many diseases.

Today, Xiaohe will introduce you to the five sitting postures of yoga.

Let’s have a look.

First, simply sit on the cushion, straighten your legs forward, move your gluteal muscles backward, compact the sitting bone, bend your left leg, put your left foot under your right thigh, bend your right leg, put your right foot under your left leg, try to stick the instep to the ground, the center of your foot upward, and extend your spine upward, Shoulder down, vertical line from the top of the head to the perineum.

Effect: it can strengthen the flexibility of two hips, two knees and two ankles, and reduce rheumatism and arthritis.

Second, lightning sits with both knees together and kneels on the mat, with both lower legs and insteps close to the ground, buttocks sitting on heels, back upright and shoulders relaxed, The chin is slightly retracted and the hands are naturally placed flat on the legs or the hands are folded together.

The effect: Thunder sitting is also called diamond sitting or diamond sitting.

It is the only posture that can promote digestion.

It can make you slimmer the more you “sit”.

Often doing this posture can also alleviate stomach discomfort and other problems.

3、 Sit and stand on the mat, keep your legs together, straighten and bend your left knee, put your heel against the perineum, put your foot against your right thigh, bend your right knee, insert your right toe into the middle of your left thigh and lower leg, and put your right heel on your left foot to keep your shoulders relaxed.

It helps to maintain full balance of physical function, promote blood circulation in the pelvic area and alleviate knee stiffness, Help the Qi of life rise.

4、 Half lotus sits on the cushion, straightens his legs forward, bends his right knee, presses his right heel against the perineum, bends his left knee, puts his left foot on his right thigh, straightens his back, and puts his knees close to the ground as far as possible.

Effect: it can exercise his knee joints, relax his bare feet and leg muscles.

For people with poor flexibility, this posture can be used for breath regulation practice and meditation.

5、 Lotus sits on the mat, straightens its legs forward, bends its left knee, puts its left foot at the root of the right thigh, bends its right knee, and puts its right foot at the root of the left thigh as far as possible.

The spine is upright, and the top of the head is vertical to the perineum.

Effect: after overcoming the discomfort of the initial practice, this posture is very suitable for breathing, breath regulation practice and meditation, stimulate the internal potential and bring the practitioner into the artistic conception faster.

Note: beginners may be prone to pain and numbness at the beginning of practice.

They can exchange exercises on the left and right sides for many times to balance their body and listen to their feelings.

Don’t force yourself.

Yoga kneeling is a state of relaxation but not relaxation, vigilance but not tension.

When you take Yoga kneeling as a compulsory posture every day, you will feel the peace and enrichment of your body and mind from the inside out, Achieve the unity of body and mind.

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