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Long term practice of yoga can strengthen the body


Enhance resistance.

Long term practice of yoga can not only strengthen the body, but also enhance resistance.

For example, it can reduce the occurrence of colds and other diseases.

2 promote blood circulation.

Women do yoga for a long time.

Through the massage of both hands, they can effectively relieve the fatigue state of human muscles and bones.

Through the exercise of yoga breathing and various postures, they can promote human blood circulation and make human joints more flexible and free.

3 eliminate tension here is an interesting point.

Yoga can make the body produce anti anxiety neurochemicals.

Research shows that aerobic exercise makes the body secrete morphine in the brain, while yoga can stimulate the secretion of natural nerve tranquilizer (GABA), a chemical that can eliminate mental tension and promote relaxation.

A study in the special issue of medicine to reduce negative emotions shows that people who have been doing yoga for a long time have significantly more natural nerve tranquilizers (GABA) than ordinary people, possibly because yoga combines breath control, meditation and body extension.

After 12 weeks of long-term research, people who spend the same time doing yoga every day produce more GABA than those who take a walk, and they are happier and less anxious, restless, tired, worried and other emotions.

The most important thing of relaxed and quiet yoga is to relax, balance and obtain peace.

Every time we practice, the teacher asks us to always smile, pay attention to the body, and let the body and mind breathe in purity and spit out toxins in one breath and one breath.

The teacher likes to say that the body is doing the action, not the face.

When you loosen your eyebrows, your heart will stretch and your body will relax.

People who laugh often are naturally beautiful.

People who laugh often must be satisfied and have no distractions.

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