The beauty of “baby fat” Yoga Pants shows her personality and excellent appearance in collocation!

The beauty of “baby fat” Yoga Pants shows her personality and excellent appearance value in collocation.

Matching of Yoga Pants: a solid color coat with a striped coat is better for casual wear, but don’t relax.

White coat with black pants is the best, showing thin.

More soft and beautiful wear: it’s more fresh and natural, and the color matching should be as simple as possible.

Single shoes, single bags, or double color shoes and bags can be worn if wearing leather shoes.

Like black, camel or blue.

However, a warm color like red is not suitable for matching striped yoga pants.

It is just more conservative, and black and camel are more selective in skin color.

You have to match it when the skin color is white.

Black pants with red pleats and casual pants are very energetic.

Yoga pants with more lively and youthful style like the following are better matched with slightly more complex tops.

The saturation of color should be as low as possible.

Yoga pants with simple patterns will look better.

Yoga pants with saturated and bright colors like the following are not easy to control.

As far as possible, colors like the following are better than simple ones, without any patterns.

If you like more colors, you can choose more popular, brighter and heavier colors.

Patterns and patterns are more complex, or try to avoid international color matching.

It is better to match with the main color system.

For example, if the flower shirt below is matched with this yoga pants, the small white shoes are very good-looking, and the pants with high waist below will show longer legs.

The collocation of colors with flowers is also avoided as far as possible.

Yoga pants in colors such as green, purple and pink are the same as those below, or jeans, high waist or high-heeled shoes are matched below.

It’s good that the color system of the top is the same as that of the Yoga Pants below.

The color matching of medium and low saturation is also better, and the matching of lighter color is better, which will be more refreshing.

As for the cool and gorgeous ones as a whole, try to avoid the dull colors of red and green.

If they are matched, they are more black.

But for example, you can try to match the bright red and blue.

Match the clothes that are too long below, and match a small white shoe or khaki shoes inside.

The dark ones are more suitable for dark casual pants.

For example, the following kind is also a slim jeans, or a looser coat, which can be matched with High Waist Shorts.

Like the following, the lighter color that can be low and medium is also a matching direction, that is, the lighter color, the color of polarized light is very good-looking, and a good matching also plays a great role in lengthening the legs.

In fact, the main purpose of small and large clothes is to learn collocation, see more collocations, develop your own feeling of better collocation, and you can try more collocations you like.

Because in the future work practice, many people around you will take you to some good occasions.

You should match yourself better…

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