“Baby fat” Yoga Pants beauty, both elegant and comfortable, with excellent appearance

The beauty of “baby fat” yoga pants is elegant and comfortable, and has excellent appearance value.

The collocation of yoga pants is ever-changing.

You can study a lot of “teaching” with you.

But there is a fundamental principle in these “teaching”.

I think only by doing it yourself and practicing it again and again can I understand it.

in my opinion.

Collocation is actually “a collocation system”, one is the “system” of yoga pants, and the other is your personal “system”.

So first of all, we should find out which is the system of yoga pants.

This question needs to use the basic idea of the Yoga Pants system.

We call the three types of Yoga Pants upper (get our comfortable Yoga Pants through matching), middle (get high and thin Yoga Pants through matching) and lower (get thin, high and simple yoga pants through matching).

Each type of yoga pants has some data tips on matching.

Let me talk about how to better combine this “one collocation system”.

(note that I didn’t define the matching proportion below for any type.

You can’t match the thin, tall and simple yoga pants according to the actual situation.

You can only modify the combination in practice.) on: This is to obtain the effect of “making others comfortable” or “showing height and thin” through matching.

(make others feel more beautiful through collocation! This is an essential understanding!) There is little personal experience in connecting red and black yoga pants.

It has this color, but after matching, the red in front grabs a little beauty.

Red is not all.

In fact, it is the splicing of various colors behind, and it lacks the focus.

So when you choose red, we should think about it.

If you want to match with all red, do you think you get high score or low score? Through the splicing, matching and observation of different colors, we can know that if red appears alone, it will make you look tacky.

Therefore, we should match some red ones for color matching.

When you master this “matching idea” and choose red yoga pants, a single red splicing and splicing with similar colors can get high scores.

(as shown in the picture) of course, your red is really beautiful.

You can try it and you’ll have no problem! Chinese: This is to make red delicate and beautiful.

At this level, we must learn to match some colors with a bright spot.

Or very prominent, or similar colors.

Because if a single red match is likely to appear very tacky or bloated.

What are colors and highlights? Which color you think is more beautiful and outstanding, so choose which color is better.

This is basically a question of matching ideas.

First, through some color matching, we can figure out how to match red in our own, so that we can have a better look.

Another key point of this problem is to have similar colors.

The color too far away is too tacky, and the color too close is very bright.

The color too close is very bright.

So choose colors to match together as much as possible (as shown in the figure).

Or color matching on a gray scale.

The color too close is too bright, and the color too far is too gray…

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