The “concave convex” yoga pants look young, energetic and domineering

The “concave convex” yoga pants look young, energetic and domineering.

There are many collocations of yoga pants, which can not be generalized.

You should learn to see what style of collocation you are suitable for.

For example, Xiaobian, it is generally inclined to the dark collocation of bright colors.

It is best to use the color of big red or a little orange.

When you wear it, it will show more temperament and white.

Stars wear high heels every day, because high heels are really the best partner of yoga pants.

They can be matched with short boots, long boots, casual shoes and canvas shoes to make the whole look more refreshing.

For example, the collocation of wave point yoga pants and cowboy shorts, wave point has always been a very gentle color.

With Martin boots, it shows white and intellectual.

The collocation of upper body effect is mature at once.

For the lower body, it is also good to match with white shorts.

It is light and casual without being sloppy.

Wave point yoga pants with small white shoes, short in front and long in back, showing both height and short legs.

The front of the wave point skirt is close to the waist line.

When you get under the skirt, go up.

The hem of the skirt should not be too long.

It seems that it is longer than the knee.

For the body of small shorts like fairies, too long style is not suitable.

After all, it is not the body of our ordinary fairies.

For the hem of yoga pants, it is recommended to choose the skirt length and expose half of the skirt, so the effect is better.

There is also a loose lace long sleeved yoga pants.

It is best to choose large swing long sleeved yoga pants.

Large swing long sleeved yoga pants.

The upper body wears a short skirt, which shows the figure more.

The lower body wears long pants, which can also easily hold.

Change a style, change a mood.

While pursuing beauty, not everyone’s appearance is beautiful, but how to match it.

Black yoga pants are simple, convenient and versatile.

They are matched with the black interior.

Simple white shirts, high necked sweaters and high waist jeans are all leisure and vacation style.

Match with a pair of black boots to show the longest legs.

In other words, a jacket and trousers are OK, plus short hot pants, and the legs are still slender.

Many people feel that this kind of collocation is disharmonious.

In fact, I personally think this kind of collocation is also good.

White T-shirts and denim pants will appear more playful and lovely without losing the cultural and green style.

It doesn’t have a strong sense of literature and art, because the black piece itself is relatively dull.

It looks good with jeans.

Moreover, the shoes can come over and the whole is OK.

In fact, there are more than black yoga pants, yellow and red, which are more bright colors.

They are very versatile.

For girls with dark skin color, you can choose some bright yoga pants, which are very suitable for young girls.

They are very lively and formal.

They are also very good.

It’s like orange short knitted yoga pants, loose version, which is very atmospheric and not too casual.

The upper body is very good-looking, comfortable and young, and the upper body can feel a warm feeling.

However, the color of the upper body can be darker and the lower body lighter will be more harmonious.

Khaki is very resistant to dirty colors, which is whiter than black.

A simple half coat with a cowboy coat can be worn casually, which is also gentle and comfortable.

White suspender yoga pants, the lower body, just need to match with a pair of ordinary pants, the lower body and then match with a pair of sports shoes, jacket with denim shorts, loose version, such matching is also no problem…

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