I really admire her for her “concave convex” Yoga Pants, which show her personality in collocation

I really admire her for her “concave convex” Yoga Pants, which show her personality in collocation.

With the matching of yoga pants, many fairies have always thought more of pleated skirts.

Even this year, such pleated skirts are still very popular.

Today, I’d like to introduce some examples of wearing pleated skirts with yoga pants.

Let’s have a look! First of all, yoga pants are very popular in the fashion industry this year.

The way to wear yoga pants with jeans or leggings is very fashionable.

The yoga pants with bright colors are selected for the top, which is more simple and generous.

When matched with a flower bottomed pants, it shows a sense of novelty and fashion, making the overall shape fashionable and generous without lacking a sense of elegance.

In this year’s street shooting trend, people have a fashionable way to go out of the street by combining pleated skirts and jeans.

Pleated skirt is worn with jeans.

It is a skirt with split ends, which will appear uninhibited.

The skirt with split ends visually lengthens the leg lines and shows the figure very much.

Pay attention to choose the pleated skirt with appropriate length, otherwise it will not be high enough.

It’s a convenient choice to pick up pleated skirt with pants.

The shape of trousers must be slim and fit, and then use the way of slim fitting to show the figure.

Wear this style with pleated skirt, which is very fashionable to wear with flared skirt.

Change the upper body.

Visually, it increases the sense of proportion.

The version needs to be loose, so it will appear that the upper body is relatively loose.

The pattern of trousers must be consistent with that of skirts.

Similarly, this way of wearing and matching is not suitable for the looser way of wearing and matching the upper and lower bodies, and the more slim skirt is even more unsuitable.

If it is not up and down, the loose pants displayed by matching appear more spiritless.

In the hot summer, especially the pleated skirt with straight pants shows the feeling of big and long legs, and many girls like to wear it like this, which is also very suitable.

When pleated skirt is matched with wide leg pants, straight pants or shorts, it will be more suitable.

The pants should be the same color as the skirt, which is more fashionable.

If it is to match with high-heeled shorts, or pay attention to the leg shape, be sure to be slim.

This year’s pleated skirt with overalls is also a popular wear.

Choose a dark wide leg pants for the top, which brightens the skin color and looks thin, tall and clean.

Match it with a coat of the same color, more Japanese and Korean style.

The upper body of the top can be matched with bright colors or dark colors.

The pleated skirt can be matched with black high-heeled shorts, which improves the lightness of the overall shape, and the colors are bright and energetic.

Wear it with a light pleated skirt and wide leg pants to make it more white, and the overall shape is high and thin.

In the hot summer, never choose shorts to show your figure.

If you want to do so, remember to focus on the body…

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