The “slightly fat” goddess of yoga pants is light, beautiful and elegant

The “slightly fat” goddess of yoga pants is light, beautiful and elegant.

The collocation of yoga pants should be conceived in general and form geometry visually for comparison.

You can use black, white, gray and highly contrasting colors to wear a sense of hierarchy.

High contrast: Navy / dark green, same color system, light metal, emerald green, flax, matte beige, gray, purple, blue, blue yellow, light khaki, light beige, light military green, light coffee, etc.

Colors include those with high saturation and low brightness.

Most good yoga pants are matched without any design and color, such as velvet, lace, hemp, translucent, coffee, beige, ginger, pink, grass green, desert yellow, olive green, dark coffee, dark red, etc., which can be compared without being gaudy and have aesthetic feeling as a whole.

In addition to Navy / dark green / cyan, dark red, orange, rose red and other red colors are also reasonable choices for color matching, especially among younger people.

Key points of matching clothes: 1 Choose the same color for the top.

Try to match color, black and white in the same color system.

These match up lively and can enrich the sense of hierarchy of the lower garment.

You can also choose two colors with large color contrast, such as blue and gray.

If there are no specific requirements for the color of upper and lower clothes, it is recommended to avoid boring colors such as black and white, and bright and bright colors will be more colorful.

If you want to highlight or show girls with thin legs, try to choose pleated pants, mesh pants and other pants with fluffy effect.


Choose a highly contrasting color for the bottom.

Usually, the higher color of the lower garment is more suitable to match with the dark yoga pants, such as black, dark green, Tan, Navy, khaki, white, etc.

Pleated pants that look loose or have a falling feeling can also be matched with dark yoga pants, which can highlight the slim feeling of girls.

Comparison of lower fitting height.

To tell you the truth, men just can’t stop being slim and sexy.

I’ve seen those short headed boys match with colorful yoga pants.

When I think about it, I feel speechless.

Girls don’t have such trouble at all.

If boys wear too loose their tops, they usually choose short shoes that are a little more slim.

On the contrary, they must be slim.

High waist pants are the style that many girls like.

In this era of exquisite carving, choosing strong pants is the safest way out of the street.

The waist band on most yoga pants can be tied directly to the shoulder if not used.

It’s embarrassing to wear high heels and knee high boots.

We can highlight the line between the waist by tying the belt, or let the coat gently cover the waist of your pants, which can also make your arms look thinner and visually slender.


If you wear pants, it is recommended to wear high waist pants and cropped pants, because it will visually lengthen your height.

If you wear the cropped pants, even if the legs are not long enough, the overall matching can immediately look very tall and thin.

It should be noted here that if you wear yoga pants in the way of covering your ankles, it is easy to be regarded as “slightly fat” and prohibited from wearing.

Some cute girls tie a bow under their Capris for concave shape.

I think it’s very silly.

It’s better to tie it directly to your boots than to your own thigh…

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