The “slightly fat” Yoga Pants goddess has a fashionable style and full of charm

The “slightly fat” Yoga Pants goddess has a fashionable style and full of charm.

For the matching of yoga pants, in addition to choosing loose yoga pants, we should also learn to use some fashion items to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses and improve the image level.

Many students think straight pants are the best partner to match yoga pants.

The characteristics of wide up and narrow down highlight the length of legs.

However, today I want to say the reason to avoid some external items that are very easy to see.

The upper body of straight pants not only looks very bloated, but also sometimes covers up the shortcomings.

Please understand the following reasons why you look fat.


It can be said that the general straight pants have some designs in the opposite direction, so it is easy to show the short lines of the upper body.

It’s better to keep the buttocks straight than the baggy pants.


Waist problem now many boys like to choose pants that are too long.

It’s easy to hold up the lower edge of the pants, which will be loose near the middle line.

Therefore, designers need to design a hip wrap design that can modify the leg shape and upper body.


The problem of over the knee is too loose.

It will make you look like a big ass woman.

The whole thing is square.

The waist is too narrow and peaceful, and the lines of the lower body width cannot be displayed.

When choosing a knee tight style, be sure to match the color and style.


If the trousers are too long, they are straight pants with the same length.

Sometimes if the trousers are too long, the trouser legs will not be very thin, because the trousers themselves are short and the trouser legs are very loose.

You don’t look thin as a whole.

If you want to wear thin, the length of your pants must not exceed one-third of your knees.

You should lengthen your legs.

The legs of your pants should not be longer than your knees.


It is too loose.

The above points are above the knees and shoulders.

The space between them cannot support the dimensions of the legs, so it will stretch the upper body straight, which looks very loose and fat.


It’s too inflated, although I know you must not have a satisfactory body before wearing this yoga pants.

However, I feel that I not only don’t look good, but also my legs are short, but this swelling feeling is what you should avoid.

Try not to be too compact in the upper body and not too loose in the pants.

Tips: 1.

Can I untie two buttons of yoga pants? Generally speaking, as long as your bust is greater than 40 and your waist is greater than 40, you can untie two buttons.

If your waist circumference and chest circumference are greater than 40, it’s just right for you.

Or if you’re a little fat, you must untie four buttons and two for a small figure.


How long should the pleats on Yoga Pants be? The length of V-neck should not be too short, especially the length of V-neck.


How do short coats match clothes? And small bags are OK.

The coat looks good with bags of any color.


How to match the pants to wear the feeling of “little birds depend on people”? For most people, first consider medium pants and wide leg pants.

Wide leg pants and shorts or shorts are not suitable, and the gap between upper and lower body is too large.

The waist is thin and the upper body is fat.

Wearing any coat will make the lower body look fat, so as long as you are not satisfied with the leg shape, don’t choose thin leg pants!..

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