Maizi teacher’s yoga class video, Maizi 24 four tone meta yoga classes

Four seasons yuan yoga can nourish the five internal organs from inside to outside, regulate vitality, resist aging and keep your face, and be a woman of frozen age.

Modern people’s bad living habits such as staying up late for a long time, drinking cold drinks, irregular meals, more oil and salt, sedentary and less exercise have increased the burden of the five zang organs and virtually consumed our vitality.

So, really don’t expect thousands of skin care products and hundreds of health care products to save your aging face and your body with frequent health conditions.

Only by regulating the interior of the body and making Qi, blood, yin and Yang reach the best state, can we freeze age from the root, improve beauty and fight aging.

Four seasons tone yuan yoga can stretch, reverse and revitalize Qi and blood.

Between exhaling and inhaling, let Qi and blood moisten the five zang organs and six viscera, and fill the whole body with vitality, so as to achieve the effects of fitness, expelling cold, strengthening muscles and bones and activating qi and blood.

Now, close your eyes and imagine: others are trying to spend money on skin care.

Your plain face is facing the sky and your face is like a peach blossom.

You can be beautiful to the end without modification; Other people’s wrinkles climb up to the tip of their eyes, the body begins to have problems in large and small, and you are still as healthy as a girl; When other people’s insomnia and various small diseases come quietly, you can still be symmetrical and have a frozen age face Four seasons tone yuan Yoga takes you to adjust inside and outside, resist aging and keep your face in unlimited places.

You can have a group of yoga exercises in the office, bedroom and living room.

You can combine work and rest to drive away fatigue, fatigue, moisture, pale face, improve physical deficiency, qi stagnation and blood stasis, bad posture, restlessness and gain health and vitality, From now on (the course can be permanently saved and replayed at any time) the special discount of 79 yuan (original price: 199 yuan) includes a total of 28 , classes.

Each class only needs , 2.8 yuan to identify the QR code below.

51277 people have received the course, and only 43 , clicks remain“.

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