New Yoga Life

New year’s day at home | on the sixth day of the lunar new year, online yoga, home strong physique, let’s exercise together and be healthy ~

At present, thousands of small families are going to “get out of bed”.

“Calm down” is the key to win this blocking war.

We (women) are in the Xiaoshan District Women’s Federation, “the new year of the house at home, sports and health” in the operation of the Xiaoshan women’s Federation.

The activity was officially launched today.

On the sixth day of the lunar new year, scan the QR code below to participate in the registration.

From 8:00 a.m.

to 21:00 p.m., the top 50 users can get a monthly fi home sports and fitness card (notify after the end of this round of epidemic, and the use time is subject to receiving the SMS notification from the District Women’s Federation) The Xiaoshan District Women’s Federation wishes families in the region peace, health and joy..

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