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Yoga tendon stretching, 10 minutes a day, the body changes miraculously!

The official account hall health knowledge exchange health care experience, public number cooperation, please contact the QQ:365300103 tendon, not only stretch the leg tendon key, but open the leg meridians, dredge Qi and blood, dispel evil and disperse cold, and cure diseases and strengthen body.

The legs run the six meridians of the human body, including liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, bladder and stomach.

The function of stretching tendons is to remove the garbage in these meridians, so as to detoxify, relieve pain and strengthen the body.

Today, I’d like to introduce the most frequently practiced “three sutras”.

“Pull three meridians”, that is, open the liver meridians, spleen meridians and kidney meridians of the legs.

These three meridians are transparent, and other meridians complement each other and connect naturally.

When “pulling the three meridians”, the legs are lifted into the air, and the hamstring belt is used to pull the legs apart.

Due to the effect of gravity, the blood is poured into the waist, abdomen, chest and head to send nutrition to each cell of the whole body.

▲ stretching diagram of lying position [“three meridians” effect] “three meridians” can thin legs, hips, waist, strengthen kidney qi, replenish qi and blood, strengthen spleen and stomach, beautify and beautify women, and have a good auxiliary physiotherapy effect on gynecological diseases.

“Pulling three meridians” can enhance male kidney qi, strengthen spleen and stomach, clear liver and gallbladder, treat presbyopia and alleviate shoulder, neck and low back pain.

As the saying goes, “people grow old before their legs grow old”, adhere to the “pull three meridians”, the meridians and collaterals of the legs are unobstructed, and the Qi and blood run smoothly, so that you can always maintain your youth and feel as light as a swallow every day.

[“pull three meridians” method] 1 Horizontal lacing method: 1 Place two safe, stable and flat chairs near the wall or door frame.


Sit on the edge of the chair against the wall or door frame and move your hips to the edge of the chair as far as possible.


Lie down and lie on your back with your right foot straight against the wall column or door frame, bend your left foot to the ground, touch the ground as much as possible, lift your hands and put them flat on the chair (see Figure) for ten minutes.

During this period, the left foot can also swing in the posture of cycling, which is beneficial to relax the joints of the hip.


Move the chair to the other side, then switch the left and right feet according to the above method, and do it for another ten minutes.

Do not step on the floor with the help of books, yoga AIDS, etc.

Gradually remove the assistive devices and step by step until your feet step on the ground.

This method can directly and indirectly open all meridians in the whole body, which can dispel diseases, detoxify, enhance immunity and sexual function; Relieve and relieve a variety of pain: bile pain, liver pain, cervical pain, low back pain, crotch pain, leg pain, knee pain, foot pain, headache, dysmenorrhea, etc.


Standing lacing method this method is suitable for lacing at home or in the office, which is especially helpful to improve shoulder and neck pain (especially shoulder and neck pain caused by long-term sitting at the desk).

Lacing method: find a door frame, hold the door frames on both sides with both hands, and stretch out your arms upward as much as possible.

Stand with your feet in a lunge, with your front legs bent and your back legs straight.

The body is just parallel to the door frame, the head is upright, and the eyes look forward.

Stand in this position for 5 ~ 8 minutes; Change another leg to stand lunge, and also stand for 5 ~ 8 minutes.


Horizontal stretching method: people lie flat on the bed or on the ground and stretch their legs horizontally to both sides for 10 minutes.

Lie on the bed with your feet facing the capital letter Y on the wall as far as possible.


Neck lacing method this method is applicable to the lacing method to alleviate the pain of cervical spine, shoulder and back.

Stretching method: lie flat on the bed or stool face up, extend your head outside the edge of the bed or stool, and stretch your hands back as much as possible, so that the weight of your head can pull your head down for 3 minutes.

Sleep without a pillow, lying on your back, lying flat and lying on your side.

I’m not used to it at first.

I’ll get used to it in a few days.


Squatting tendon method this is the oldest tendon method, that is, squatting on the ground for a while, and its action is the same as squatting in the toilet.

Stretching method: the whole person squats down slowly, squats to the bottom as far as possible, the feet are close together, and the soles of the feet are close to the ground as far as possible.

Hold your legs with both hands and bury your head (“baby hug”) [“principle of pulling three meridians” effect] the direction of the twelve meridians is the same as that of the twelve meridians, so the meridians at the contraction of the tendons are also blocked, and if they are blocked, it will be painful.

Stretching the tendons makes the tendons soften and the dislocation on the spine can be reset.

Therefore, “the bones are positive and the tendons are soft, and the Qi and blood flow naturally”.

Therefore, the pain, numbness, swelling and other diseases of the waist, knees, limbs and the whole body are eliminated and slowed down; Stretching can open up the governor’s vein and Bladder Meridian on the back.

Governor pulse: it is the meeting of various Yang and the channel of vitality.

This pulse strengthens the kidney function, and the kidney is the congenital foundation and the source of essence and Qi.

People’s energy and sexual ability all depend on the strength of kidney function.

The governor vessel is on the spine, and the spinal cord goes straight to the brain marrow, so the spine is inextricably linked with brain diseases.

Ren Du pulse is a circular circle in the human body.

This is the meaning of Ren Du pulse to be opened up by various skills.

Bladder Meridian: it is the largest detoxification system of the human body and an important barrier against wind cold.

If the bladder meridian is unobstructed, wind cold is difficult to invade, internal toxin is discharged at any time, and symptoms such as obesity, constipation, acne and color spots are naturally eliminated and slowed down.

The bladder meridian is also the Shu point of the Zang Fu organs, that is, each acupoint on the bladder meridian on both sides of the spine with the same name as the Zang Fu organs.

Dredging the bladder meridian is naturally beneficial to all the Zang Fu organs.

According to the theory of Western medicine, the main nerves and blood vessels connecting the brain and viscera are attached to the spine and the bones on both sides.

Dredge the spine up and down, and naturally clear away many visible fortresses, obstacles, invisible mines and traps.

[comparison table of meridian pulling physical problems] stretching is both physical therapy and diagnosis.

▶ Knee pain and not straight: it indicates that the liver meridian is not smooth.

The liver governs the tendons, and the liver meridian is not smooth, and the spleen and stomach will not be good, because the liver belongs to wood, the spleen belongs to soil, and wood conquers soil.

▶ Such as hip and popliteal (opposite side of knee) pain: it indicates that the bladder is blocked and there is a problem in the waist.

The bladder and kidneys interact with each other in the same way.

They share the main water, and those who have a poor bladder will not be unobstructed.

Edema, obesity, frequent urination and diabetes are all related to this.

▶ The arm raised after lying down cannot be attached to the stool surface: it indicates that there is periarthritis of the shoulder.

▶ The lifting leg cannot be straightened, and the falling leg cannot fall to the ground when suspended in the air.

There are not only low back and leg pain, but also many internal problems..

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