The beauty of “dew stomach” yoga pants is unforgettable without the decoration of casual pants

The beauty of “dew stomach” yoga pants is unforgettable without the decoration of casual pants.

The collocation of yoga pants is not only good-looking, but also suitable for personal body shape and style.

Here are some items.

1、 Skirt pants if your body is slightly fat, wearing shirt yoga pants or suit yoga pants will be thinner, especially with a pair of boots, which will look better.

You can wear casual and college style in a summer.

If your figure is very good, slightly fat or other figures that are not suitable for wearing yoga pants, you can choose some broken flower type yoga pants, which are similar to lattice yoga pants, simple and generous.

I like this type of Yoga Pants very much.

In fact, no matter how fat you are, yoga pants must be slightly loose, and pants with loose waist and hips must also be selected.

Oh, you must try.

One shoulder V-neck sling yoga pants suit, you can wear some silk scarves with great color.

This is a good match.

A very summer yoga pants, with a white shirt or a floral skirt, very cool and lively, a style.

2、 Yoga pants in summer, if you like this style, white suspender yoga pants will not make your body look so uncoordinated, and white is relatively light and breathable.

You can also use this collocation to create a casual feeling.

If you like smoking, you can use an outer cover, such as windbreaker, short coat or long sweater.

3、 If you have a higher waist or fat legs, you can choose some pairs of pants.

You can choose straight tube or cone, and use high waist yoga pants to create a high waist and make your whole person look high.

Therefore, try to choose a slightly lower waist to match, or the length to the hem position, This length is convenient for you to match with some daily coats.

Then, if you have a shorter waist, you should choose some straight and tapered Leggings with a close fitting white yoga pants, which will make you look tall.

Wearing a yoga pants can make you look tall and thin.

4、 Shoes can be matched with flat bottomed casual shoes to make you look more comfortable.

Of course, you can also choose some leather sandals.

This casual shoes can choose high top or low top.

5、 Girls’ bottoms can also be matched in the hot season.

With the above items, you can match tight yoga pants and a pair of denim shorts, which is simple, generous and fashionable…

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