The beauty of “dew stomach” yoga pants is unforgettable without the decoration of casual pants (2)

The beauty of “dew stomach” yoga pants is unforgettable without the decoration of casual pants.

Tips for matching Yoga Pants: when the upper body is wrapped with meat, it looks straight.

If the lower body is thin, it will cover the triangle of the legs, improve the whole person’s temperament, and share practical tips with you.


The coat should not be too long.

If it is about 5cm shorter than the length of the skirt, it will look more playful and lovely.

It is best to go above the knee, which can lengthen the proportion of the legs and make the legs longer.

Of course, it is not recommended to roll the edges, so the legs will be longer.

The slim fitting or straight tube type is the most suitable.

Girls with thick legs look too thick when wearing clothes and shorts.

They can match with long boots to modify the effect.


You need a loose upper body, and then match it with a long loose clothes, which can make your upper body and lower body form a figure of eight.

Visually, your legs are long and less crowded.


The clothes with split design are very suitable for symmetrical girls, such as these models, and the design of thin waterproof platform.


The upper body is matched with simple styles to avoid fancy and cumbersome.

For example: 9-point Top + 9-point bottom + 9-point Top + 9-point bottom.

This kind of matching shows high and thin, but it is easy to show big hips.


The skirt above the knee will appear very thin, because the lower body is already tightened.

Don’t choose the 9-point pants.

If you want to choose the 9-point pants, try to be longer than the knee.

The length of the skirt we usually wear is recommended to be a half length skirt, which is longer than the knee, because when the thickest part of the thigh reaches 50cm, the length of the skirt should also be more than here.

What type of yoga pants do you buy? The yoga pants with small dew fragrant shoulders are very suitable for straight tube girls.

They show their ankles and are very sexy.

They are thin and tall.

Because the upper body is loose, it is recommended to match a pair of pointed high heels with a slight heel, which can not only avoid losing shape, but also improve the overall proportion.

It’s best not to match high heels in yoga pants, which looks bulky.

Ladies’ shoes are versatile and good-looking.

The skirt over the knee can cover the thick legs, but the legs are short.

It feels like pxiaoqiangxiao.

The skirt must be loose.

If it is too tight, the legs are short, so it is difficult to wear the feeling of elegance and immortality.

The skirt should not be too tight, showing some small waist.

It can be casual with a pair of high heels.

Loose skirts can also improve the waistline and show longer legs.

Yoga pants should not give people the feeling of being a serious teacher.

Wearing a pair of high heels inside when it is cold makes them look temperament.

How to match yoga pants? The fairy yoga pants with fat lower body and high waist skirt will make you appear thin waist, long legs and wide crotch.

Don’t worry, because the yoga pants have a high waist design, which can cover the width of crotch.

If you have a thin waist and long legs, the waist will not look bloated with a high waist skirt.

If you are short, with a high waist skirt, you can not only cover the thick legs, but also lengthen the lines of your legs.

The fairy with thick legs is cautious.

She is not only not good-looking, but also looks fat by pulling down her waist line.

Fairies can wear skirts or wide legged pants under their tops.

Different styles of yoga pants also have a great impact on personal matching.

In addition to matching with the style of yoga pants, we should also consider the upper body matching.

If the body belongs to the slightly fat world, you might as well choose loose yoga pants to cover your belly…

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