The beauty of yoga pants with “gourd” figure can easily show her good shape and temperament

“Gourd” figure Yoga Pants beauty, easily show a good body shape and great temperament.

Yoga pants have two characteristics: 1 Reduce the cumbersome of shoes and increase the elegant texture of clothes; Increase the sense of purity of clothes and reduce unnecessary accessories.

The wearing schemes of Yoga Pants introduced to you today not only reduce the heaviness of clothes, but also increase the elegant texture.

It can be said to be a very advanced wearing scheme.

Yoga pants designed by cocochanel are crazily sought after all over the world.

In addition to being expensive, cocochanel also has one feature: tall, exquisite, elegant and noble.

Similarly, if this set of collocation is worn alone, it not only looks bloated, but also the color is too dim, it can be a harmony between the two with the help of cocochanel’s pants skills.

Today, we still introduce this set of collocation designed by cocochanel.

The red half length pants began to become synonymous with yoga pants in the mid-20th century.

As can be seen from the collocation scheme above: wearing bright red suspender pants increases the overall brightness, just like the women of this era, they are charming, beautiful and vibrant.

In the 1920s, the cocochanel style was again accepted by the European celebrity culture.

Let’s focus on this series in the future.

The picture above is a photo taken by cocochanel at an event in 2005.

At that time, many girls wanted to look sexy and confident like cocochanel, but most people didn’t have such body proportion and beautiful chest line.

Now, with the improvement of living standards, many stars wear this kind of upper body shorts and lower body trousers, which is not as rigid as in the 1930s.

Today is a woman who can wear her trousers with an elegant taste.

She developed herself in the style of the 1930s, increased her sense of art and maturity, and became the object of pursuit by others.

Cocochanel’s favorite outfit in his life: red trousers.

It can be seen how much she loves red.

Most of her photos are always eye-catching.

Chiffon trousers are decorated with red stripe patterns on the chiffon material hem, which is very attractive.

The advantage of wearing this way is that it is elegant and can highlight the leg shape, showing a clean and neat effect.

If you are not in good shape, chiffon trousers can also be worn as an inner layer.

With a vest of the same color, it will have the effect of increasing the waistline.

The collocation of yoga pants is actually very simple.

There are two very simple words: reduce accessories.

Yoga pants with what color of coat, what color of accessories, what style of shoes are second, we should first make ourselves appear clean and tidy.

For women who are not in good shape, try not to choose European, American and classical yoga pants, and try to choose pants with stripes, lace and bubble sleeves.

Visually, they can shrink the proportion of upper and lower body and appear slimmer.

For example, the red yoga pants with a big pendulum have a more slim silhouette, and they are equipped with small high heels, which makes them look capable and neat.

Just like the above cocochanel series, select the related ones and show them immediately after Look1.

The comfort brought by this sense of neatness is also very attractive.

You can also choose one V-neck that is popular every year.

Who says yoga pants can only match black? It can also go well with khaki.

It looks gentle and elegant, and it can’t be wrong…

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