Only those who practice yoga can understand the quotations of heart wandering yoga

As a yoga teacher, I like to share Yoga quotes with my students.

I’ve found that some yoga quotes are just what you need to make a deeper connection with practice or with what happens in your life.

Yoga quotes can be used as an introduction to practice or to help you stay inspired and motivated, whether you’re new to yoga or have been doing yoga for decades.

Yoga is a kind of physical and mental practice, no matter what kind of yoga you practice.

Today I share some famous Yoga sayings from professional yogis.

Try to incorporate these into your meditation and yoga practice.

No matter how you feel, the following yoga quotations can inspire and inspire you.


Yoga posture is not the goal.

Becoming flexible is not the goal.

The goal is tranquility.


Truly find peace in your heart Rachel brathen2, yoga teaches us to heal what we don’t need to endure, and endure what we can’t heal BKS Iyengar 3, not stiff.

A stiff head (SRI Krishna Pattabhi Jois) 4.

Yoga can’t change the way we see things.

It can change the person who sees things- BKS Iyengar 5, the essence of yoga is to shine the light of consciousness into the darkest corner of the body (Jason Crandell) 6, the core of yoga practice is “abyhasa”, that is, keep working in the direction you want (Sally Kempton) 7, you may not be able to control the whole world, but you may learn to control your inner world through yoga- Debasish mridha8, yoga starts from where I am now – not where I was yesterday or where I wanted to be Linda sparrowe9, that’s Yoga.

Where you have the greatest resistance will actually be where you benefit the most (Rodney yee10, postures are useful maps for exploring yourself, but they are not territory.

– Donna Fassi 11, when you correctly control your breathing, you can control your mind.

– Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois 12, changes only occur at the current moment.

The past has been completed.

The future is just energy and intention Chino McGregor 13, your body is in the past and your heart is in the end.

In yoga, your body and mind are in the present Iyengar.


Yoga teaches you how to listen to the sound of your body- Mariel Hemingway 15, yoga makes you live in harmony with nature and teaches you to be curious about your inner world- 16, your soul is your best friend.

Treat it carefully, nurture it with growth, and feed it with love Ashurina yal17, anyone who practices yoga can succeed, but lazy people can’t.

Constant practice is the secret of success SWAT marama 18, this theory is useless until you practice.

After practice, the theory is obvious David Williams 19, yoga is ninety-nine percent practice and one percent theory Sripattabhijois20, practice, everything comes with it.

– SriPattabhiJois。.

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