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Practice today! Live entrance of “love and joy” Yoga online workshop

🙏 Sat Nam, good morning and good luck ~ today we will discuss the topic of love, joy and how to manage marriage and love in the way of Yoga inheritance ~ 2.12 online workshop on love and joy: let go of worry and learn to transform and empower # relax in love and joy.

It officially began from 9:30 to 11:30 this morning.


saki said: love is the safest place inside a person.

It’s very safe, very deep, very healing and powerful.

No pain, no restrictions.

The highest level of a person’s safety is when he or she is in a state of love.

Love is for that thing to penetrate the consciousness of anything.

But nothing can penetrate love itself.

Marriage is the highest form of yoga.

In this class, we invite you to yoga with your partner.

There is no relationship without sacrifice, and there is no sex that does not make the sixth sense of both sides obvious.

No matter sex, or love, no matter what you call it, there are only three things: trust, trust and trust.

If you lose trust, you lose everything.

When the two bodies truly merge, both of us as partners will have to overcome a fear – the fear of exposing our deepest self to each other.

How to confront this part? How important is it to our intimate relationship? What exercises can we do to make each other feel more secure, understood and loved in close relationships? In this class, we will learn some important teachings from the inheritance of yoga.

I hope you are lucky to meet love and really have the ability to manage love.

February 12 “joy” theme workshop (lesson 2): the power of relaxation, let go of worry, learn to transform and empower, relax in love and joy [live content] wisdom sharing + creating intimacy quia + ekongkars meditation from lover + interactive Q & A [live time] February 12 9:30-11:30 [live method] video live [live cost] Equivalent market price: 698 yuan, special price for new year: 398 yuan (can be viewed permanently) [live broadcast benefits] each person will receive a complete set of queya practice documents sorted out by Mr.

saki personally or click.

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