New Yoga Life

Yoga began at the age of 40. The asana is becoming more and more refined. It can be called a “textbook”!

Can you tell if she’s not a real Yoga girl? Thirty? No! Forty? Almost! She’s in her 50s! In her 50s, she , has no fat on her whole body , has beautiful back and abdominal muscles , and the muscle lines of her arms are even more beautiful , don’t you envy? Everything is yoga! However, she started yoga at the age of 40! In 2008, her body was very stiff.

Many movements needed to be practiced with AIDS, but yogamand was not in a hurry.

She just insisted on practicing every day.

She did not deliberately pursue the results of practice.

She insisted on yoga for 11 years.

She has been in her 50s.

Now her yoga style is becoming more and more sophisticated.

It can be called a “textbook” these years.

Whether at home or in the park, Or on the road, she is doing yoga almost anytime, anywhere.

The right and wrong comparison diagram of yoga postures she shares is adopted by many mainstream Yoga media.

Age is just a number.

Who doesn’t want to be like him? 50 years old is still like 30 yoga.

Go to explore different life prospects.

Record different years and moments.

I hope every girl who is on the road of yoga can be full of life Full of enthusiasm , full of expectation for the future , stars in the eyes , smiles in the corners of the mouth (the content comes from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the creator.

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