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Six simple yoga movements can alleviate various physical discomfort, which is very targeted!

Regular practice of yoga poses can improve physical and mental health, especially for modern people.

Due to various pressures such as work and bad posture habits in life, it brings great pressure and fatigue to both body and mind.

Today, I would like to recommend a few stretching movements, which can relieve the pain in the body and release the psychological pressure.


“Mouse hand” and “keyboard hand” often use the computer, which will cause discomfort in the wrist and serious carpal tunnel syndrome.

You can stretch through the following actions: stand, hold your hands on the ground, put your fingertips back, step on the back of your hands, lift your heels, raise your hips and keep breathing for 10 times.

2 “Low back pain” sedentary, standing for a long time and lack of exercise will lead to stiffness and discomfort of the low back, which is due to the performance of too much pressure on the spine.

It can be relieved by the following actions: kneeling on the knee, putting the lower leg on the ground, aligning the knee with the hip, sinking the chest, extending the hands forward for 1 minute 3 Another disadvantage of “hip flexor tension” sedentary is the shortening and stiffness of hip flexor, which can lead to groin discomfort.

It can be relieved by the following actions: sitting and standing, bending the knees, grasping the soles of the feet relative to both hands, sinking the knees, and extending the spine for 1 minute 4 “Mountain of pressure” when something happens in life, we feel great pressure.

Try the following actions to ease: stand with your feet the same width as your hips, fold down from your hips, hold your hands together, extend your elbows downward, and close your eyes for 1 minute 5 “Can’t sleep” and “can’t sleep enough” autumn comes, it’s easier to get sleepy; One day, I began to feel sleepy at noon.

It can be relieved by the following actions: first come to the downward dog pose, then grasp the outside of the right ankle with your left hand, twist to the left, keep breathing for 10 times, and change sides for 6 “Abdominal distension” eating too much or too many beans will lead to abdominal distention.

You can ease it by kneeling on your knees, aligning your hips, holding your hands on the ground, aligning your shoulders, inhaling, extending your spine upward, exhaling, bowing your head and back, and repeating it 10 times.

You will find that when the problem really occurs, yoga really works.

However, the best way is to keep practicing regularly and keep your body in the best state all the time!..

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