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Yoga people love to practice 6 warrior poses, which can drive the whole body to lose 10 kg!

Learn more about yoga! Often practicing this group of asanas can not only make you stably establish the foundation of standing posture and lay a good foundation for difficult Yoga asanas, but also mobilize your whole body and make you thin! 1.

In warrior I, the chest is fully expanded, which will help to breathe deeply; The pelvis can have a tendency to tilt forward and tighten the abdomen, which helps to exercise a strong lower back and make it easier to bend back.

This pose can also relieve the stiffness of the shoulders and back, strengthen the ankles and knees, treat the stiffness of the neck, and reduce the excess fat of the hips and legs.


Warrior II Warrior II is a good pose for understanding the alignment of knees and ankles.

For most people, the safest position for the knee is directly above the ankle.

By practicing this pose, you can make the leg muscles more symmetrical and strong.

At the same time, it also relieves calf and thigh muscle spasm, enhances leg and back muscle elasticity, and strengthens abdominal organs.


Warrior III in Warrior III, the hip is in line with the spine to start the core.

Practicing Warrior III helps with other balance postures, such as standing, splitting, and handstand.

It can help strengthen and contract abdominal organs and make leg muscles more symmetrical and strong.

This pose can also stimulate the vitality of the body and promote the agility of the body, so it is recommended for runners to practice.


Anti warrior anti warrior is often used in flow yoga.

Protect your neck in this pose.

Keeping a few breaths in anti warrior can stretch the side of your abdomen and shape the curve of your waist.


Humble warrior pose this is an excellent open hip and open shoulder pose, which can effectively relieve sedentary shoulder, neck and vertebra pain.

Unlike other warrior styles, which let us open our arms to the world, humble warrior style lets us focus on the inside and teaches us humility.


Retreat warrior pose this is a posture with lateral strengthening of lunge.

It is often practiced in some powerful and mobile Yoga sequences.

It is sometimes called skandasana of God of War (shiganda).

This pose strengthens the core, increases the flexibility of hips and hamstrings, and can tighten the inner thighs and relax the rear side.

It is an excellent post run stretching pose.

In the Warrior series, everyone’s body and mind will grow, strong in will, balanced in patience and stable in relaxation| The pictures and texts of this article come from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author! If there is any infringement, please contact us…

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