New Yoga Life

Start spring with yoga

Is there anything you want in spring? Maybe yoga can help you get.

The word “Yoga” has the meaning of “unity” and “connection”.

It is mentioned in the heart of yoga that it has a further meaning – obtaining what has not been obtained before.

Yoga can be a medium, a method, or a way to help us see that dreams can be reflected into reality, so as to put down fearless anxiety, fear and procrastination and gain the strength and confidence to change in life.

Every change can be yoga.

Every new spring, every new day, every development and change, is yoga.

When we can easily bend over and touch our toes, when we finish reading a book, when we learn a new skill, when we come to different spring after spring, we unlock the places we have never reached.

Maybe we first came into contact with yoga for health, style and decompression, but if we stick to it, we will find that the main purpose of yoga has changed – from “breaking the body” to “knowing ourselves”, and gradually began to pursue in a deeper level.

Yoga, like the natural magic that gives birth to spring, makes us change little by little and leads us to where we want to go.

In this spring, let’s experience the magic of yoga~ 🧘‍♂️ Introspective yoga · offline basic class 10 classes.

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