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The five yoga poses called “wrinkle killer” are better than countless skin care products, and there will be no wrinkles from now on

Jia people often say, “when you start practicing yoga, your age stops at that time.” However, this is not an exaggeration: after practicing yoga, you will not look old.

Through the series of yoga postures, yoga can stimulate the natural anti-aging ability of the body, add the rhythm of uniform breathing, promote the smooth blood circulation, and improve our sense of balance, softness and strength…

Practicing yoga will not make us look old, but it will really slow down our aging speed.

Today I will introduce to you the five yoga poses called “wrinkle killer”.

Practice several groups every day to make you younger and younger! In practicing the following groups of yoga postures, first of all, make sure to keep the face relaxed and the mood calm during the whole practice process.

Lion pose lion pose is one of hatha yoga poses.

It can exercise facial muscles, help prevent and slow down the generation of facial skin wrinkles, folds and sags, enhance the blood supply to the brain, promote the blood circulation of the face and activate the regeneration of aging cells on the face.

Action steps: kneel on your heels and touch your toes to the ground.

Stretch the spine, put your hands on your thighs and open your fingers; Inhale deeply through your nose.

Lean forward while holding your breath, slide your hands down your thighs, let your fingertips touch the ground, put your palms against your knees, or put your hands on your thighs; Open your eyes, stretch out your tongue, stretch your fingers forward and outward, and tighten the muscles of your neck and face, as well as the muscles of your hands, arms, shoulders and trunk.

While slowly exhaling with your mouth, make a loud and elongated “ah” sound like a lion, continue the roar until your exhalation is complete, and look at the center of your eyebrows at the same time; When the breath is exhausted, slowly retract your tongue and close your mouth.

Inhale through your nose and return to your starting position.

Keep breathing naturally, take a break and completely relax all the muscles that have just been tightened.

Repeat 3 ~ 5 times.

Note: don’t be shy and can’t let go.

Think you are the king of beasts! When you do this exercise, you should really roar like a lion.

Trumpet dog is a gentle inverted pose, which can obtain many of the same benefits as other handstands.

For example, increase the blood supply in the upper body and head area, moisturize the nervous system in this area, keep the head awake and restore spirit and vitality.

Action steps: stand in mountain pose.

Keep your feet two and a half times shoulder width apart; Inhale, straighten your arms, stretch upward from both sides of your body, hold them high above your head, put your arms close to your ears, and close your hands directly above your head; Exhale, bend your upper torso forward to your palms, put it on the ground between your feet, put the lifted weight on your legs, bend your elbows, put your head on the ground and put it between your palms.

The head, palms and feet should be in a straight line; Inhale, straighten your elbows and lift your head off the ground.

Slowly raise your head, raise your upper body and arms, fully extend your back, keep this movement for a few seconds, retract your feet and return to mountain standing.

Note: keep your hands in line with your feet, put your head against the cushion, straighten your knees, and feel the full extension from your feet to your back.

Plow type plow type is one of the common yoga postures in Hatha Yoga, which belongs to lying posture.

The blood flows naturally to the head, nourishes the face and scalp, and balances the digestive system and endocrine system.

This posture is also good for people with a tendency to high blood pressure.

In addition, the abdominal organs recover their vitality due to contraction, and the anterior curvature of the spine gets more blood supply, which helps to alleviate headaches.

If they practice plough first and then shoulder handstand first, they won’t have the feeling of rapid blood flow and the swelling of the head.

Action steps: after completing the first pose of shoulder handstand, lock the chin; Loosen your chin, lower your torso, extend your arms and thighs over your head, and put your toes on the ground; Stretch the muscles at the back of the thighs, tighten the knees and lift the trunk; Put your hands in the center of your back and hold your torso with both hands so that it is perpendicular to the ground; Straighten your arms in the opposite direction of your legs and keep your arms and palms on the ground.

Note: those with menstrual period, neck injury, dysentery and diarrhea should be careful.

Shoulder handstand shoulder handstand yoga is a commonly used inverted three-dimensional style, which allows fresh blood to circulate in the neck and chest.

Practicing this posture integrates the body, mind and spirit, the brain is clear and quiet, and the body feels light.

It is a good way to detoxify and lose weight.

Blood backflow strengthens many nerve plexus, helps the internal organs recover, nourishes the face, helps remove acne and improve skin color.

Action steps: lie on your back, put your hands on both sides of your body, palm up, raise your sternum, press your shoulders down, and keep your back from the ground; Exhale, bend your knees, and exhale to lift your hips and hips off the ground without moving your torso.

Bring the knee to the chest; Put your hands on your hips and press down on the blanket with your elbows.

Lift the torso up until the hips are perpendicular to the ground.

Bring your knees to your head; Slide your hands down to the middle of your back, cover your kidneys with your palms, and lift your torso, hips and knees up until your chest touches your chin and breathe evenly; Press your hands into your back, straighten up from your armpits to your toes, and extend your whole body.

Keep the spine straight for 2-3 minutes; Exhale and bend your knees.

Bring the thigh to the stomach area and put the body back on the ground.

Note: beginners can practice against the wall.

If your waist and abdomen muscles are weak and you can’t lift your legs, you can continue to practice strong waist and abdomen postures first, such as single leg, double leg lift, boat pose, etc.

People with high blood pressure, heart disease and physical weakness over the age of 60 and women should not practice during menstruation.

Camel pose camel pose can stretch and strengthen the spine.

It promotes blood circulation, especially the spinal nerves, which benefit from the nourishment of additional blood.

It has an excellent effect on correcting the bad posture of hunchback and sagging shoulders.

Not only that, it can also relieve irritability and mental tension, promote facial blood circulation, improve skin color and beautify facial lines.

It is a yoga pose very suitable for women..

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