How yoga affects the mind (Iyengar) | Zen reading

Prevention is better than treatment.

Yoga practice can take care of unknown and possible pain.

Most pain, worry, sadness and stress can be avoided.

The practice of healing eradicates all obstacles, alleviates pain, and generates energy to endure, so that the mind can remain active and become calm and stable.

We know patangali’s eight step Yoga: keeping precepts, internal control, posture, regulating breath, absorbing mind, concentrating, meditating and Samadhi.

This is the way to stabilize the five action organs and five senses.

It slowly cultivates healthy feelings in the body, makes the mind and mind firm, eradicates pride and ego, and purifies consciousness.

In this way, one can experience the absolute purity of the mind, which is equivalent to the pure greater self.

This is the perfect mind obtained through yoga practice.

We need to remember that the most important thing about eight step yoga is that no matter what practice is mentioned in the Yoga Sutra, eight step Yoga covers the rough and subtle aspects of yoga practice.

All these various practices mean correcting emotional, mental and natural weaknesses.

These are to remove the self-caused, congenital and unbalanced disorders.

These are all for the purpose of changing “savage mind” or “uneducated mind” into “spiritual mind” and making the mind civilized.

Cultivate it to obtain tranquility and divinity.

A cultivated, polished, purified and sanctified mind is equal to a soul—— In order to adhere to the practice of eight step yoga, patangali needs confidence.

By allowing the mind to settle in Brahma and Brahma practice, you will gain enthusiasm.

Memory is a tool for the mind to become focused, and samadhi wisdom is the foundation.

For those who have not left the secular mind, they need this wisdom from beginning to end.

If you are determined to persevere in spiritual practice, these four aspects of Yoga (confidence, enthusiasm, memory and wisdom) can be easily determined.

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