The yoga pants with “concave convex feeling” are very good-looking with good details

Yoga Pants full of “concave convex feeling” are particularly good-looking with good details.

The matching of yoga pants is a headache in spring.

Because spring is a retro season, want to wear different from others? We should have more bright colors with low color saturation and less basic colors of the whole body to wear that lively and playful feeling.

If you want to create a visual sense of wearing through one color, you might as well choose blue and gray to match.

These two colors have the characteristics of low-key and neutralization, so in the same color system, they have strong integration with blue and gray, which can make the visual feeling relaxed and comfortable.

When wearing darker colors, avoid matching with dark colors such as black, dark blue, dark green and dark green, and choose bright colors, such as purplish red in this skirt, which forms a strong contrast with red and has a little momentum.

And ginkgo, egg yellow and other similar colors can also be matched.

These colors are bright colors, which have a sense of harmony with other colors.

Matching with light pink is also a very good choice.

Pink itself is more lively.

Pink and pink blue, pink and orange have the characteristics of lively and playful.

Matching with the same color system or complementary colors can add some sweet feeling to the monotonous skirt.

The combination of pink and dark blue is also a good choice.

For example, the combination of blue, white and gray in this pair of yoga pants is a dark bright color system.

Although it has a dim sense, it feels harmonious and unified as a whole.

It is also a perfect match with cold gray pink, such as white, which is a good complementary color.

With gingko powder on shoes, it can also give people a feeling of rich color.

The combination of fuchsia and pink is also a good choice.

Although it was just said that this is a single product dominated by blue, the addition of Fuchsia can also add a sense of liveliness, that is, the sense of visual hierarchy.

There are also some orange based color collocations.

If you like orange collocations, you should pay attention not to be orange all over your body.

You can choose one or two orange overlapping collocations in a single product, which not only plays a role in brightening, but also does not appear fancy…

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