“Slightly fat” Yoga Pants goddess can avoid monotony and improve temperament

“Slightly fat” Yoga Pants goddess can avoid monotony and improve temperament.

There are many ways to match yoga pants.

For example, one way to try is to match some basic items, such as yoga pants to share today.

In fact, for many Asians, the upper body is not too thin and there is no way to try clothes that are too slim, so we can start from basic items such as shirts, plaid shirts, solid color shirts, cowboy shirts and so on, To match the golden ratio of yoga pants, to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, and experience the line matching in Korean dramas that every girl can try.

Stars in Korean dramas are very good at matching.

There are all kinds of clothes in all styles and colors.

There is no sense of conflict when matching.

I feel I can fly at any time.

I want to buy the beautiful clothes inside.

Today, I share a set of gold matching in Korean dramas.

The first one is one-third of the split pants, The color of this pair of pants is beige, which is gentle and elegant.

The upper body is a white shirt and light pink pants, which looks very fresh.

The lower body is matched with black pencil pants.

The length of the lower leg is not short, and the legs are long.

If they are matched up and down so beautifully, will there be a feeling of the heroine in Korean dramas.

The second matching is a short denim shirt.

This is a very classic color matching.

Its fork is very simple, but the upper body is matched with a white or blue vest.

It is not only simple, but also a white or blue denim shirt can be matched with a perforated jeans, which is handsome, tall and beautiful.

The third match is a striped shirt, which is such a classic and versatile match.

In autumn and winter, the coat is very beautiful.

If you wear it a little thicker, you can insert the hem into it, and if it is thinner, you can match it with Capris.

The fourth collocation is a dress shirt.

This year’s mainstream flower shirts not only have smooth fabric, but also have three-dimensional effect.

We can try to roll up the sleeves and match the lower body with a white jeans.

The blue sweater is a very versatile piece.

There is no problem with any collocation.

In short, Korean female stars look good in Korean dramas.

Come on, fairies.

Here are some gold collocations in Korean dramas I collected…

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