“Slightly fat” Yoga Pants goddess, breaking the monotony and stereotype, so creative

“Slightly fat” Yoga Pants goddess, breaking the monotony and stereotype, so creative.

The matching skills of yoga pants can make you wear different charm.

Wearing a pair of yoga pants for backing can make it easy to match, save time and effort, and you will have a sense of hierarchy when matching with clothes, pants or pants on your upper body! Let’s take black as an example.

If you don’t know how to match it like me, follow black pants and white boots.

It’s actually black leggings and black socks.

A change of color will make you like this.

If you want to expose the neckline, use some pants elements, such as bubble sleeves, too large neckline, too long cuffs, etc., which can reveal part of your legs.

Like this.

I especially like medium sleeved shirts.

They are very stylish no matter how they are dressed.

Is the bubble sleeve in the figure below protruding from the neck and showing a short neck.

So, the back shirt sleeve is a little longer.

I’m a girl who loves beauty.

I like Gao Yuanyuan’s suit.

Of course, I especially like warm sheets.

It’s very daily.

Through a pair of half length pants or pleated pants with low color and saturation, it can become a softer style of ladies.

Triangular sleeves, pleats and other elements show that the arm is a little thinner.

It’s a very everyday suit.

I’ll show you my thinner one again.

Tall girls have no difficulty, and girls who are not so tall can try to show a small part of their arms.

I didn’t have a chance to show my arms, so I had to grab the hem of my clothes to show my thin, very relaxed.

While the upper body looks thin, the lower body is too fat.

There are always so many people talking about dressing up.

In fact, I think what I like more than dressing up is not that this person wears a dress and becomes a little more beautiful, but that after this person puts on an element or fabric, that person changes from being cute, lady, sexy and charming to looking casual, handsome, sexy and gentle.

Imagine this picture again.

After wearing the pants, trousers or baggy shorts of this example, you won’t have any discomfort, because you don’t have the mind to pay attention to whether you are thin or anything else.

You will pay more attention to your changes.

It may make you feel that when you wear yoga pants or pants alone, you become confident and charming, You’ll stand out on the road…

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